Top 10 Gift Ideas For Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you did not know it, that special someone in your life is expecting something extra special from you. Valentine’s is the only single day in the calendar when you publicly show love and affection to someone dear to your heart. It is the time when you get to tell him/ her that they are the only true love in your life. People tend to show their affection in different ways, for example, there are those who give flowers, chocolates and jewelry. If last year you did not get the opportunity to tell someone how much you cared and loved them, you have another go this year.

This might seem quite challenging and tough for some people especially men given that gifting is not their forte. Nonetheless, chivalry is not dead in men as some may put it. Discussed herein are top ten gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make him or her melt.


1. Hand Made Valentine’s Card

If you are looking for a way to make an impact in an inexpensive yet romantic manner, make for him or her Valentine’s Day handmade card. In the card, you can include pictures of memorable moments the two of you had together or favorite scripts or quotes. Whereas, it may seem like a simple idea, but it goes further to make a great impact on the life of someone you truly cherish.


2. Fresh Flowers

Flowers has been the modus operandi for couples for generations and has continued to the present age. Women in particular love flowers so never underestimate its affect. The secret is to have the flowers delivered to his or place with an accompanying note. Nevertheless, this valentine you need to be aware of the significance of the color of the flower that you are gifting. Pink roses are a symbol of friendship or rather oral love. Red roses signify love. White roses are a symbol of peace, purity and innocence. Never send yellow flowers to your loved ones as it is a symbol of infidelity and impurity.


3. Personalized Chocolates

Other than flowers, you can use chocolates as a way of showing your love. Where possible, have personalized chocolates made and delivered for him or her. There are different assortments of chocolates that you can choose from the market to gift your loved one, but, the best so far are the bespoke chocolate hampers. This gives you the opportunity to add extras to the hamper or customize it to suite your loved one.


4. Air ticket to Paris

The fourth Valentine gift idea is for men to women. If you really want to take out the norms of Valentine’s and sweep her off her feet, then consider purchasing a ticket for two to Paris. Paris also known as the city of love is every girl’s dream. Fortunately, due to increased competition from various international air carriers, the prices of air tickets have reduced significantly by a big margin. Given that it is Valentines, possibilities are that there will be countless offers from various airlines and travel agents urging folks to book an air ticket to Paris. This is the one gift that will last in her for generations to come.


5. Candle lit dinner for two

You may have been wondering when it was going to appear, but at number five is candlelit dinner for two. Candlelit dinner is the oldest known form of romantic evening for two. You do not have to make reservations at a restaurant. You can make the night memorable by preparing making for him/ her hearty meal to dine the night away to. If you are tight on budget then this will be the most affordable dinner you will ever make and enjoy with your partner.


6. Jewelry

Of all the gifts that you can give this valentine, none makes a big impact than jewelry. It is highly recommended that you only give jewelry to someone who you have passed the “I love you stage” and are going strong. Each jewel that you give, i.e. necklace, earring, bracelet and ring makes a statement. If you want to propose, then this would be the perfect day to do so.


7. Love songs

It is often said that it is the little things that matters. This Valentine you can have a memorable evening by making compilation of his/ her favorite music in particular love songs. This goes a long way in showing that you recognize his or her interest in particular music. You never know the impact until you try.


8. Art of poetry

Very many people tend to underestimate the affect of poetry particularly on women. Ladies love spoke word and as such, you need to aspire to write for her a poem deep from your heart. It does not have to be award wining but a reflection of your heart. This can be done in several ways, for example, a poem that accompanies flowers or chocolates or poem read to her while sipping wine. The adage, the spoken word is powerful is not an in vain.


9. Lingerie

Now this is the gift of the year that as a woman you can give to your man. Men are suckers for the flesh and as such you can be sure that you cannot go wrong here. Surprise him with that sexy lingerie that he often glances at while at the mall and see his reaction.


10. Portrait Picture

You can have a photo that the two of you took while still dating and have it blown up and surprise him/ her with it.


Valentine’s is a special occasion that you have to ensure remains memorable to your loved one in all aspects. As such, try any of the above suggestions and see that priceless smile rise on your loved one face.


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