Top 10 Ways To Pick Your Nose

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Picking nose is an extremely common habit observed among almost all age groups. Nose-picking is the habit of extracting the nasal mucus, mostly dried, and other foreign elements from the nasal cavity using a finger. Most commonly, picking nose is regarded as a bad habit and even taboo in some cultures. The sight of someone conspicuously picking nose may generate a feeling of disgust. But, considering physiologically, picking nose sometimes seems to be imperative under certain conditions. Like, when some foreign elements enter the nasal cavity it does require immediate removal. So, in these cases we can follow some simple steps to manage picking nose quite inconspicuously in public.


1. The Thumb Method:

Take the index finger of your left hand, if your right nose is obstructed and vice versa and place it along the exterior of the nose needed to be dug. And then, casually slip the thumb inside the nasal cavity and using your thumb nail pluck out the dried mucus or the foreign body. Slowly slip out the thumb and be careful that you are not dragging the mucus. Take it out discreetly. And once it is done take your hand down to its normal position and flick the dirt off. But be careful to wear your nail fingers short. A long nail will bear the risk of tearing the delicate walls of the interior of the nasal cavity that may lead to profuse bleeding.


2. Hiding with the palm:

This is an excellent way to picking your nose in public without being caught. In this method you will be guarding the whole action with one hand and executing it the other. First of all cup your left hand slightly in such a manner that your index finger is right below your right eye and the thumb is positioned below the left eye. This is a highly strategic position. The palm will be hiding the nostrils from onlookers’ view. This gives the impression that you are rubbing your cheeks or the eye corners as one does when affected by headache. You can also close your eyes to better the impression.

Now, quite confidently, bring your right hand up and slip it under the left hand. Remember, it will be hidden behind your left palm. Use the right hand index finger to probe into the affected nose. Extract the disturbing element and once your restore your right hand to its normal position flick it off.


3. The athletic nose blow:

This process comes to be useful if anyone gets frequent cave-ins in their nasal cavities. This is an excellent technique to clear out blocked passages. But executing this process with perfection requires a slight bit of exercise for you will need to exert yourself with great force.

Exercise yourself a bit to get your blood circulating throughout the body including your head. Then, while running (or whatever your are doing) take a quick glance around, close your mouth, take a deep breath and exert the air from your lungs along with whatever is causing the blockage in one explosive blowing of the breath. And this can be done more inconspicuously if you can feign it as a sneeze. One word of caution is that the athletic blow-nose technique is not much recommended since it involves of blowing bacteria into your sinuses.


4. Fake a cough:

This is more or less similar to the process of hiding it with palm method. Here too, you will fake a cough and hide your nostrils and mouth with one hand and execute the whole action with the other hand using the index finger.


5. The ‘turn around’ method:

This is a courteous way of picking the nose and relieving yourself of the uneasiness (especially when the situation is extreme, like when your nose is itching) when you are in public. Presently, excuse yourself and turn around slowly. Promptly take out the obstructing mucus from your nose and take your hand down to your lap. Then seeking an opportunate moment, flick it away.


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