Top 10 Tips to Break Up

Break ups are definitely the most complicated thing in any relationship. Building a relationship is a very difficult task but breaking up is also equally difficult. Being in love with someone just feels great and greater are the feelings of being loved. But unfortunately most of the beautiful love stories have to pass through a stage where the stories seem to end and the beauty of the story seem to fade. That stage is the stage where a relationship loosens and eventually ends.

You can reach to a stage of break up because of different reasons. Those reason can be personal, can be professional or it can be a common relationship problem. Reasons can be anything but important is how you break up. Every break up can leave you tormented, therefore it is absolutely important to break up in the proper way.

Here are the top 10 tips which we found best and a must follow rule while breaking up.


1. Don’t forcibly continue:

This is a very important aspect which you must keep in mind in a relationship which is heading towards a break up. Do not drag a relationship. If you don’t find any charm in the relationship or you have decided to break it up, do it instantly. The sooner it happens the better it will be. Being in forcefully in a relationship doesn’t help any one as the interest and the love perishes from the relationship.


2. Be Honest:

Honesty has always been the best policy. Be honest in a relationship. It is possible that you no longer want to be in a relationship and it’s also possible that you jus want to part because you don’t like your partner any more. At any case scenario, be honest to tell your partner the exact reason why you want to break up. It’s very important to make clear the exact reasons of breaking up. Anything hidden may bring you disgraceful thoughts about your own self as well the other person will always be in a state to guess the reason and often guesses made in emotion are wrong.


3. Do not cheat:

It is possible that you are seeing someone when you are already in a relationship with someone else. This is nothing more then cheating on the girl you are in a relationship as well as cheating the girl you are seeing. If you have already decided to break up with the existing relationship just break it up instantly and then see someone else. Building a new relationship without ending existing is a fraudulent act and must be avoided.


4. Break up in person:

Do not use the electronic media or a third person help while breaking up. It is always advisable to break up in person with your partner. If you want to break up just call the person and discuss the event face to face. Sending a text message or an email is not ideal. Avoid these technological aids and also keep in mind that your break up should be discussed by both of you not by communicating through a common friend.


5. Never break up in a public place:

Break up can be disastrous for either of you. A heart is tormented when it breaks. So make sure you break up in a private place where there are not many people around. If possible meet up alone in a room or house or a secluded place and then discuss the break up. Breaking up in public can be many a time embarrassing as the outburst of your emotions will be witnessed by many which will give you an unpleasant feeling.


6. Be a listener:

Listening is a skill to which most of us don’t give any importance and as a result we tend to miss out many important things in life. Break up is also a crucial event where you have to listen to your partner properly and efficiently. Do not overpower your mind by prejudicing your thoughts. Listen exactly to what your partner says. Arguments without listening might worsen the scenario. An honest listening is very important to keep things within control.


7. Don’t beat around bush:

Beating around the bushes might not work out well in a break up scenario. It is very important to come to the point straight forward. Do not talk round and round explaining irrelevant stuffs, rather come directly to the point and explain your partner the reason. Beating around bushes will make it more difficult to do the actual talking.


8. Don’t get into a fight:

Whatever may be the reason for your break up, at any cost don’t pick a fight with your partner. Picking up a fight at the last day will further complicate things. Do not blame your partner or take the blame on you. Discuss the reason and listen to what your partner has to say. Solve any issue peacefully without getting into a fight. This would complicate the situation even more and the result of this will be unpleasant.


9. Don’t ask for Friendship:

Never do the mistake of saying “can we be friends again?” Once you break a relationship you can’t keep friendship alive. It is not practical to have friendly feelings for a person you have been in a relationship with. Even if before getting into the relationship you were friends, you can never share the same feelings as you use to before getting intimate. After the break up try to keep distance from your ex rather then building a friendship.


10. Leave the scene immediately:

Do not hang around with your ex after breaking up. Once the matter is discussed and conveyed properly, just leave the scene. On the break up day you should not hang around for long. Once the message is conveyed accurately you should immediately get out of the place. The more you hang around the more it will be difficult to manage a break up. Leave the issue there and get back to a new life and a new beginning.


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