Top 10 Gifts For People Who Have Everything

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If you’ve ever wondered what you could buy the person who has everything, and money is no object, you might consider buying them their own Airbus A380, or the Rolls of your dreams, but they probably have several already, so what would be the point?

Here are some of the things that you might want to consider if money was no object.


1. Welsh gold mine

A now defunct Welsh gold mine could be purchased for very little money, but it would repay dividends if you also bought state-of-the-art equipment to mine the gold. Its claim to fame is that it is red gold and Charles and Diana’s wedding rings were made from it.


2. Oud oil

Oud oil is more expensive per ounce than gold, and is the most luxurious oil imaginable. You could buy up a whole year’s harvest of the oil and relax in the knowledge that the recipient of this gift would have what is considered the best smelling baths in the world. This has also been thought of as an aphrodisiac just as sandalwood and other aromatic oils resins are, but oud oil is supposed to be the best of this kind and stories abound about how men who were impotent miraculously recover their youthful vigor when they are surrounded by the pungent odour of oud oil.


3. Platinum

Bars of Platinum would be a good investment for your rich friend who would certainly appreciate the gesture on your part. More expensive than gold, platinum is more easily obtained than uranium, and you may have problems trying to procure that radioactive substance. Hopefully your friend wouldn’t want his/her own nuclear fuel anyway.


4. Island

An island might be just the thing. The Scots are always trying to sell some off, and there are a few small uninhabited Greek islands that could fit the bill. The weather would be better than an isolated rock off the Scottish coast too.


5. Pirate Ship

A really unique gift would be a wreck from the Caribbean. You could raise an old pirate ship and have it lovingly restored to thrill your friend, who would be especially delighted if he/she were a fan of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.


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