Top 10 Vegetables

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6. Mooli radishes

Mooli radishes look like huge white carrots, but have a peppery flavour and are good grated in savoury winter pancakes. They are delicious in salads or even on their own, eaten raw, but be warned, they are a diuretic, so good to get rid of excess water in the body. In the US these are called Daikon radish. In Pakistan and India where they grow prolifically and can be seen in huge mounds in vegetable shops and on stalls, people say that if you eat some mooli every day when they are in season you will not be ill for the whole year.


7. Potatoes

Potatoes are staples which are extremely versatile. They can be baked in their skins, roasted with meat, fried, cooked in a bonfire, boiled and mashed. The sweet potato is high in vitamin and mineral content and is deliciously different to the common or garden potato. You can cook them in the same way, and as they contain simple sugars they can be eaten safely by diabetics too.


8. Onions

These add flavour to every dish and store well. If you have never tried French Onion Soup you really should. It’s a great way to savour the flavour of the onion. Onions are very good for our health too, boosting the immune system and helping to prevent colds and flu.


9. Garlic

You may be averse to the thought of the smell on your breath after eating garlic, but you can always eat parsley to get rid of that problem. A couple of cloves of garlic give food an extra flavour and baked bulbs of garlic are a delight. Two or three cloves of garlic give any dish an extra dimension. The Italians tend not to use onions and garlic together, but they work very well in tandem. If a dish has onions in it, then garlic is a welcome addition. Garlic is also useful in preventing colds and flu, and in the past it was used to ward off vampires and spells. Even today some elderly Greeks take a clove of garlic out with them as protection against the evil eye.


10. Cauliflower

This can be parboiled and added to salads as well as being boiled and served with Sunday lunch. In cheese sauce they make a perfect lunchtime dish served with a baked potato.


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