Top 10 Caribbean Holiday Destinations

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With the winter setting in, your heart is longing for holidays in serene nature. You want to take a break from the monotony of your everyday life and spend some time with the close ones. Whether it is your family or friend, you can opt for Caribbean holiday destinations. Caribbean holiday tour is not all about cruise ships. You can get rejuvenated in the beautiful beaches at the Caribbean Islands. Caribbean beaches offer a complete holiday package for everyone. You can chill out in the beaches, or can enjoy some adventurous water sports with your friends. The nightlife here deserves a special mention as it is sure to spice up your mind. Caribbean beach destinations offer everything you may look for. Romance in the air of the Caribbean makes it perfect for any newly married couple. Caribbean islands are also the most appropriate place for planning a trip with friends. These islands have something for everyone, and that is why it attracts people of all ages. If you want to enjoy your winter in the Caribbean, you can surely check out the top ten Caribbean holiday destinations.


1. Bahamas

Bahamas is the best destination for someone who loves to explore islands. It boasts of seven hundred beautiful islands covered with white sand beaches. Turquoise water that surrounds the islands will surely warm up your soul. Apart from the natural beauty of this place, you can also enjoy activities like snorkeling and sailing.


2. Barbados

The beautiful beaches and coral island of Barbados will surely amaze you. The natural beauty of this place along with deep ridges, rolling hills, caves, lakes and wide range of flora makes it one of the best holiday destinations world over. To make your trip comfortable, you can find some of the best accommodation facilities here.


3. Dominican Republic

When it is a romantic trip for a young couple, Dominican Republic is the place to be. The second largest Caribbean island, which boasts of a remarkable history, earns huge revenue from tourism industry. The tourism industry of this island is making a consistent progress. Ecotourism is also a major cause of attraction here.


4. Puerto Rico

If you are planning a holiday with friends and want to participate in adventurous water sports like scuba diving or deep sea fishing, Puerto Rico is for you. The smallest island among the Greater Antille has excellent road connectivity network. It also has nine ports helping the trade and commerce in the region. Here natural beauty runs parallel with modernity, making it the perfect choice for any vacationer.


5. Jamaica

Jamaica, with a well-developed network connecting different parts of the world, can surely be listed among the top five holiday destinations of the Caribbean Island group. Though people can come by air, road or railways, road transport will be the best option. The natural beauty of the place with golf courses and clubs makes it an appropriate holiday destination.


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