Top 10 Ways to Bring Up Children

Flipping back to the pages of history, we would find that most successful people in life had one thing in common; they were all inquisitive as a child. Backgrounds do not matter neither does the culture or religion. It is the environments in which children grow provide a medium for a well rounded growth of a child. Growing up is not important it is the proper development and inculcation of right kind of habits and values in a child that results in a pleasing personality. The exploring capabilities are infinite in kids, remember how a crawling kid moves to the edge of a bed and falls off to his dismay. The ignorance of results and the motive to explore is the basic foundation of learning and development. There is no knowledge if there is fear and there is no learning if there is not any doubt. Thus it is very essential to be supportive and extremely patient especially while dealing with younger lots. This platform gives a great chance to jot down top ten best methods to bring up children in a manner that wins hearts and minds.


1. Ensuring proper health

A healthy child can grow up and adjust to all the changes properly. Ill health makes a child lag behind in studies and other co curricular activities in school. A child who does not keep well most of the times is also low in terms of social skills and feels shy to mix up with others. Thus a well balanced nutritional diet and proper hygiene go a long way in way in keeping a child healthy.


2. Providing Right Education

Schooling plays a vital role in the development of a child. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide proper schooling and education to their children. School takes care of the formative years of a child’s life, ranging from elementary education to playful activities and making friends for life all happen in the school days.


3. Inculcating culture

The child is the bearer of culture and tradition, he is the fore runner of the human race and life on earth; thus inculcation of proper traditions and culture is another vital aspect of bringing up children. However a thin line differentiates tradition from habits and fads from culture. Thus the responsibility lies on parents’ shoulders to provide right set of education as far as their family traditions and culture is concerned, so that the torch that he bears for his future generation emanates same kind of wisdom and brightness.


4. Teaching discipline

Teaching discipline is yet another task the parents are responsible for as it is in the company of parents that a child learns the difference between right and wrong. Discipline includes respect and right treatment of elders, peers and younger ones. Discipline reflects not only in behavior but also in day to day routine and other habits of keeping clean or eating.


5. Developing self confidence

Developing self confidence in kids is the key to a bright future. Supporting kids to be inquisitive and respecting their opinions, helping them to learn from their mistakes and letting them take minor decisions in life is the cornerstone of harvesting self confidence in children. This confidence makes a child smart enough to face the world on his own.


6. Self esteem

Self esteem is often a mistaken word and read synonymously with pride and ego centric behavior, but the difference between these is what the parents have to describe to their kids and help them developing it. Self esteem is ones’ respect for oneself which helps a child in learning to help weaker ones and rejecting favors from the ones having an upper hand.


7. Right set of social skills

Right set of social skills is yet another important learning stone as we all know man is a social animal and cannot live in isolation from others. Thus to learn to behave responsibly in a social environment is a responsibility every human being must adhere to.


8. Learning to take responsibility

Learning to take responsibility is something most parents want their kids to undertake as most kids will have to grow up to be responsible individuals taking care of their families and their expenses when they grow up into adults.


9. Having appositive attitude

Having appositive attitude is one attitude that helps a child to be an individual who learns from his mistakes and does not sit back on his failures and moves ahead in life.


10. A well balanced personality

A well balanced personality is an outcome of a right balance of all the above mentioned personality traits and characteristics of behavior. Thus a perfect individual is one who has received right set of directions and learning from his parents that make him a good individual.

Thus the above article in minimal space offers a set of guidelines for parents to be or the ones who are already set on the journey to parenthood, to rear healthy individuals who complete their responsibility as a child to his parents and as a citizen to his country.

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