Top 10 Browsers To Explore The World Wide Web

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The World Wide Web has made world a global village and to access this village, it is obvious that you will need a doorway. Finding the doorway to enter the global village is not a tough job. Different internet browsers are there to provide you the access to the World Wide Web. It is true, all the browsers are meant for same purposes, yet each of them has got something special. For a complete browsing experience, you need to glance through these features. If you do that, it will be a simple task for you to access the web for news, shopping, entertainment or communication. Whether you use the Internet Explorer or Apple Safari or the Google Chrome, you have a secure browsing platform. However, it is good to understand the basic features that make them stand apart. If you can understand these distinct features, you can upgrade your system accordingly.


1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, the free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation is popular among web users for its great features. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox, i.e. Firefox version 4, supports features like spell checking, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, incremental field, location aware browsing and many other. To support web developers, this open source browser offers a complete environment for their built-in tools.


2. Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer supports different computer languages like CSS Level 1, HTML 4.01, DOM Level 1 and XML 1.0. Officials stated, Internet Explorer 9, which is yet to be released, will support XHTML and SVG to offer a different browsing experience altogether.


3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome, designed and developed by Google is dedicated to provide faster browsing experience than its competitors. The very first version of Chrome has passed Acid Test 1 and Acid Test 2. Version 4 of this browser has also passed the Acid Test 3. The security features of this browser are really commendable and warns user about every possible threat that there is.


4. Apple Safari

The graphical web browser, Apple Safari was initially designed for Mac OS X. Yet, later it was developed for Microsoft operating systems too. Both Windows and Mac users can access all the basic features of Safari, but Mac OS X users will also be able to save clips of any webpage and view them on Apple Dashboard.


5. Opera

Designed by Opera Software, internet suite and internet browser, Opera supports security features like malware protection, built-in phishing and strong encryption while browsing. It can also delete HTTP cookies and private data at ease. Opera, which is known to be the fastest browser, has introduced different features that other internet browsers adopted much later.


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