Top 10 Most Expensive Football Coaches

Whether it is a regional club team or a national team, each of them needs a coach. Though the players receive the fame from the game, one should not forget about the contribution of coaches. When it is a game of football, fans can never afford to miss the coaches. Well, the coaches not only deserve mention for their great job, but also for their great remunerations. Yes, whenever you list the name of the football coaches, you generally credit them for their defensive strategies, excellent attack or flawless team game. However, football coaches not only deserve mention for their training skills, but also their personality and their sense of styling. If you are a football enthusiast, you should also take keen interesting on listing the top ten coaches depending on their remuneration. Though the contract value of the new coaches and new players are always a highly discussed issue among the football fans, very few fans can hardly list the top ten coaches depending on their contract amount. If you want to be updated, you can check out the list of top ten most expensive football coaches today.


1. Felipe Scolari

When it comes to the most expensive football coaches of the world, Felipe Scolari, the coach of Bunyodkar football club, tops the list. The club team of Uzbekistan reportedly pays their coach a lump sum amount of 16.6 millions Euros every year. Coach Scolari deserves special mention for training the World Champion Brazil in 2002.


2. Jose Mourinho

The talented, controversial and obviously ambitious coach of Inter Milan, Jose Mourinho claims the second position in this list. He has signed a contract for eleven million Euro per year. The coach is known for his brilliant strategies that his team, FC Porto, represented during 2004 League games.


3. Fabio Capello

It is quite obvious that the most successful coaches deserve the best amount. And when it is about success, one cannot miss Fabio Capello. The coach trusts more the final score of the game than what the players did on the ground. He also charges eleven million Euro for one year.


4. Sir Alex Ferguson

When it is football clubs, Manchester United has to be there. Not only for their players but also for their coach Sir Alex Ferguson, who is paid a sum of seven million Euros a year. It is his excellent gaming strategies that put Manchester United become one of the top favorites worldwide.


5. Robert Mancini

Former coach of Inter Milan club, Robert Mancini is on the fifth position when it comes to most expensive football coaches. One of the most successful coaches and also one of the highly respected ones in the history of world football, Robert Mancini charges about six million Euros for one year.


6. Carlo Ancelotti

Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti is on the sixth position and receives a lucrative amount of six million Euros for one year. Carlo Ancelotti is not only a great coach, but also a great player. With his abilities, he helped his attain the improbable.


7. Manuel Pellegrini

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, which has received immense success, offers their coach Manuel Pellegrini, a sum of 5.5 million Euros in a year. The team management not only pays well to the coach, but also has hired some of the most successful players at a high contract amount.


8. Louis Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal receives a little less than Pellegrini. The coach of Bayern Munich has claimed the eighth position and receives 5.2 million Euro a year. He has helped the team reach some of the most prestigious football championships in the country.


9. Gus Hiddink

Russia NT’s successful coach Gus Hiddink is paid a sum of five million Euros for one year’s term. South Korea’s successful performance in the 2002 World Cup has made him world famous, and also made the club teams to rush for him. The veteran coach has so far shown excellent coaching abilities.


10. Arsene Wenger

Last, but not the least, in the list of top ten expensive football coaches is Arsene Wenger. Popular with the name The Professor, he coaches Arsenal team against a contract amount of 4.8 million Euros per year. It is his excellent coaching abilities that helped his team claim the title of Champion League and English Premier League.


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