Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

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6. Pyramids of the Sun and Moon

Pyramids of the sun can be said to be not only towering but are also mysterious and is regarded as one of the most prehistoric sites in Mexico. However, it is not really known exactly which culture built it from scratch as there is no documentation that supports it.


7. Incan Ruin

The Incan Ruin is located in Machu Picchu, Peru. It is regarded as the lost city that floats in clouds. It was built by the Incan and later deserted in no time. What remains mysterious about it is that it remained hidden for over hundreds of years only to be discovered in 1911. More mysterious is that the city remained intact for the four centuries that it remained hidden.


8. The Golden Pavilion

Located in Japan, it is probably one of the best places to visit while in Japan. The extraordinary thing about the pavilion is that it is wholly covered with gold. From a far you might be deceived in thinking that the pavilion is just but a jewel box. It was built in 1950 after a temple that was standing in its current place was raged by fire.


9. Bimini

Located in the Bahamas is the Bimini, regarded as the lost continent of the Atlantis. There have been disputes regarding the Bimini as some regard them as merely natural creation while others regard it as a road to the Atlantis.


10. Iceland

Last but not least, consider taking a trip to the Iceland. Settlement can be traced to the 9th Century and is believed to have been inhabited by the Norse Vikings. Nonetheless, Iceland has some of the most spectacular sites you can visit. As a result of volcanic activities, Iceland has a rough terrain.


Other than the above, there are other spectacular locations that you can visit in the world. But the above are a must see.


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