Top 10 Even Dumber Criminals

Generally, it is an accepted fact that if someone was planning to commit a crime, he will have planned it well and only then he will try to execute the plan. However, this is not always true as the following ten criminal acts will prove:

This article is a continuation of the first article on Top 10 dumbest criminals.


1. Hickory North Carolina:

Donny Guy robbed two cash registers from a restaurant and vanished. Not for too long though. The cops only had to follow the trail of the white register tape all the way to his home, where he was trying to break open the registers!


2. Pennsylvania USA:

Allen Koch walked up to the Citizens and Northern Bank at 12.01pm wearing a ski mask and gloves and holding a gun. Unfortunately the bank was closed and he was unable to enter it. His license plate was noted by the bank employees and he was arrested on the charges of attempted robbery.


3. Manizales, Colombia:

This thief chose the wrong house to rob! It was the home of Christian Garces, a Pan-American karate champion and her fellow karate instructors and trainees. They caught him and beat him up, and hopefully scared him for life.


4. Windsor, Ontario:

Daniel Glen did not want to rob a store which did not have enough money to make it worthwhile. Hence he called up the sales clerk to find out how much money there was in the cash register. When he walked in to rob the cash register, the police were ready and waiting for him.


5. Wolverhampton, England:

Clive Halford was an experienced criminal, but his greed did him in. He loaded his stolen truck with 18 pallets of stolen nickel and copper. But the truck could not take the load and the suspension broke. Obviously he had not learnt his lesson from an earlier theft where his car’s suspension had broken down due to the load of stolen goods.


6. York, Pennsylvania:

Joseph Goetz was very unsuccessful when he tried to rob a bank. The first teller he went to fainted, the next two he went to claimed that they had no cash in their drawers. He stormed out of the bank, threatening to complain to the bank management.


7. Colorado Springs:

A young man who tried to rob a small corner store ran out of luck when along with the cash he wanted a bottle of Scotch. The clerk refused to give it to him saying that he was underage and he would need to see some identification before he could take it. The robber produced his driving license to show his ID. Once he had left the store the cashier promptly called the police and told them the name and address of the robber.


8. Oklahoma City:

Dennis Newton was on trial for robbing a convenience store and was defending himself. When the store manager identified him as the robber he jumped up and screamed ” I should have blown your …..  head off “, and then tried to correct himself by saying, ” If I had been the one that was there”. Needless to say that he was convicted.


9. Detroit, Michigan:

Two officers were demonstrating their patrol car’s felon locating system to the children of a neighbourhood. R.C.Gaitlan walked up to them and asked them about the process. To show him how the system worked,  they asked him to produce any identification. When they placed his driver’s license in the system, they promptly arrested him, since he was wanted for a robbery committed two years ago.


10. San Francisco:

This one takes the cake. While standing in line at the Bank of America, with a stick-up note in his hand, a thief began to worry about whether anyone had seen him write the note. So he walked across the road to the Wells Fargo bank and decided to rob them instead. The smart teller there told him that since the note was written on a Bank of America deposit slip she could not give him the money and he should go back there. Our not-so-bright thief agreed with her and walked back to rob Bank of America, where of course the police were waiting for him!

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