Top 10 Sexiest Jewelry to Wear on First Date

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For a majority of women, style and fashion are everything and many will go to great lengths to make certain that they are adorning some of the latest trends in fashion industry. For most people image is everything and it is important to make a mark on someone you meet on the first instance – especially when the object is making you look sex, handsome, pretty and beautiful. Rarely does one get the opportunity to make amends on mistakes made on first encounters. Having been a keen follower of fashion trends, the article seeks to offer some insightful information on top ten jewelry fashion that you need to keep up with in 2011. As you make your resolutions for the New Year, consider the following jewelry trends.

Discussed herein are top ten sexiest jewelry to wear on first date.


1. Diamond Bikini

At number one is diamond bikini. Priced at $30,000,000.00, it was designed and created by Sudan Rosen. The bikini boasts of more than 150 carats of diamonds that have been flawlessly cut. At such a price tag, we are yet to see a buyer for such a bikini. But as they say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” as such if you have the dollars, you can get it for your beloved wife, girlfriend or fiancée.


2. White Diamond

Whereas the initial price of white diamond was $16,000,000.000 when it was purchased from Southeby’s auction house, the current value is estimated at $23,000,000.00 and boasts of 100.1 carats of diamond. It is still regarded as one of the most priced jewelry in the world today.


3. Heart- Shaped Burma Ruby

At number three is the heart-shaped Burma Ruby Necklace. A rare gem that is currently valued at $14,000,000.00. it is currently being owned by a jeweler in England. One of the most striking features of the jewel is the 155 carats of diamonds that lace it. If you are looking for a sentimental gift for an upcoming silver or golden jubilee, then this would be the best gift to give.


4. Diamond Drop Earrings

At number four is diamond drop earrings designed and created by Harry Winston of the House of Harry Winston. Its value is estimated to be around $8,500,000.00. It has a 60 carat diamond that has been mounted in gem- platinum. When looking for jewelry to go with any outfit in your wardrobe, then consider diamond drop earrings.


5. Blue Diamond

At number five is blue diamond still by Sotheby’s. This 6 carat diamond that has been mounted in a marvelous ring is valued at $7,980,000.00. It was initially sold by an exhibition in Hong Kong. Whereas, most people often boast of having bought some of the most expensive engagement rings, none comes closer to the Blue Diamond.


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