Top 10 Places To Visit In Canada

Canada tends to get overshadowed by its mighty next door neighbour, but it has a unique charm of it’s own and there are many places worth a visit in this very large and gorgeous country. It has some of the world’s most beautiful scenic vistas and many splendid beaches. The cities all have a charm of their own and you can spend many days travelling in this vast country.


1. Prince Edward’s Island:

A relaxed day doing nothing or a day at the beach or day walking around admiring the unusual red coloured cliffs, Prince Edward Island has all this and much more. The Prince Edward Island National Park stretches over 40 miles and has many scenic areas to wander through and enjoy


2. Vancouver:

Vancouver is the city which has something for everyone. You can enjoy the graceful beauty of this city, you can go whale-watching along the coast or you can go skiing up at Whistlers. If you are more of a city person then enjoy the excellent night-life and some of the superb eating places in Canada’s most vibrant city.


3. Niagara Falls:

No matter which side you look at them from, Niagara Falls is a sight to behold. From the Canadian side you get an excellent view from the Queen Victoria Park, and from the observation deck of the Skylon Towers. It is easily one of the most spectacular sights in the world. If you are visiting make sure you book your hotels accommodations online so you can take advantage of Niagara Falls best hotels.


4. Quebec City:

With a theatre and a museum in every corner, visiting Quebec City is like visiting France in North America. A very unique city, it is one of the last walled cities in the world. Old Quebec City has some beautiful Renaissance architecture and the mingling of various cultures is very evident in the food and language and ambience of this lovely city.


5. Banff:

A small little town, Banff is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. It is so popular that often it seems very crowded. You are assured of wildlife sightings in the mountains nearby and of excellent scenic sightings also. Spend some time enjoying the natural beauty this small town has been endowed with.


6. Lake Louise:

Right next to Banff is the beautiful mountain lake, Lake Louise. Nestled between the snow-capped peaks of Alberta Rockies, with a glacier at one end, this lake can be accessed by driving through some of Canada’s most beautiful regions. The luxury resort Chateaux Lake Louise is one of the world’s most famous hotels.


7. Calgary:

Tourism is one Calgary’s biggest money-spinners. The attractions of this fabulous mountain city include Sikome Lake, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Aerospace Museum, and Calgary Zoo. It is also a very important centre for trade and commerce.


8. Ottawa:

Ottawa, the capital of Canada boasts of some world-class museums and of being the showpiece of Canadian culture. It reflects all the diverse cultures which form a part of the Canadian mosaic. There are many parks and the Rideau Canal, when it freezes in winter, converts into the world’s longest ice-skating rink.


9. Kelowna:

For native Canadians this is one their most famous holiday destinations. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, it has some of the best weather seasons in Canada. The valley has some excellent golf courses, great boating areas on the lakes, and some excellent beaches. There is something for everyone here.


10. Jasper:

Many believe that Jasper is the shy cousin of the better-known Banff. However it offers comparable scenic beauty and a serene and peaceful existence. It is small enough to make walking around easy, and everyone seems to be doing just that. The Miette Hot Springs and the Maligne Canyon are great places to visit.

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