Top 10 Websites For Software Download

Technological development in internet technology in the present age has made great strides with innovations of products such as internet technology that has changed the way people do things. Individuals as well as business establishments are increasingly relying on the tool not only to earn money but also for download. Other than mp3 and movies, majority of software used today are bought and downloaded from the internet. If you are looking for open office, antivirus, music player, remote desktop or drivers, they can be accessed from the internet.


What are the benefits of downloading your software from the web as opposed to buying from a vendor? First and foremost, you are provided with variety and affordability. Unlike local software vendor, you have access to several versions of particular software as well as reviews from previous users. This enables you to know whether certain software is effective or not. Discussed herein are top ten free software download sites. However, one should not restrict themselves to the following websites as there are other sites you can use, but the following are some of the most used by millions of users worldwide.



This is by no doubt the most used and preferred site for free software download. The site has gained accolades over the past few years from millions of users worldwide by making available reliable and robust software. In addition, the site has an easy to use graphical user interface that makes accessing and using the site. What makes the site number one? Other than providing you with what you need, it does make recommendations of other related software and provides ratings.



Coming in at number two is Soft32. This is why the site is preferred by most users. First and foremost, the site does categorize downloads according to operating system and products. For example, if you need to download windows related programs, all you need to do is click on the window tab, login and download whatever application that you need. Unlike, for one to use Soft32 registration is required. Its strong points are that it provides users with everything that they are looking for, i.e. from desktop to cell phones.


3. Open Source Mac

There are those who believe in open source software due to the freedom and flexibility that it provides them. If you are one of those persons, then this is the site for you. From open Source Mac you can find and download anything that ranges from operating system to office to music players.


4. ZDNet Downloads

Coming in at number four is ZDNet Downloads. ZDnet has continued to rise the ranks of one of the most preferred sites for software downloads given the variety and ease it offers visitors to the site to get whatever that they are looking for. Looking for program to download is made easier by the categorization used in the site, e.g. most popular, recently added and top searches. There is no limitation to what you can download from the site. Other than downloads, the site provides users with a platform to interact by providing tools such as bogging and reviews.


5. GearDownload

Coming in at number five is GearDownload. The site is popular with download of application software, e.g. imaging software, music players, DVD Banners and file compressors. The site boasts of an easy to use interface that makes it easier for visitors to the site to download whatever they are looking for.


6. Open Source iPhone Software

Unlike other download sites, this is restricted to application program used on Apple products such as iPhone, the site provides a platform from which iPhone users can download open source application, e.g. wordpress and funambol directly to the phones.


7. FreewareFiles

Other than operating system software, office and antivirus, there are other category of software, i.e. drivers that can be used to optimize the performance of your system. As such, FreewareFiles has become popular amongst a majority of users worldwide for freeware applications, e.g. utility programs.


8. Tucows

Making the list at number eight and deserving a slot amongst the top ten is TucowsA. Boasting of a graphical user interface that is easy to use and navigate, the site provides downloads for all that one is looking for. In addition, the site categorizes software according to class, e.g. Windows, Mac, Web, Mobile… making it easy for someone to jump directly to what they are looking for.


9. SoftPedia

At number nine is softpedia, a site popular for application downloads, e.g. games and drivers.


10. FileCluster

Last but not definitely the least on the list is FileCluster. Unlike other download sites, FileCluster provides one with application software used to optimize their system.

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