Top 10 Linkin Park’s Songs

Linkin Park is one of the best bands in the US. They have a huge fan base, four studio albums, many successful singles and have had successful tours. Linkin Park is not a band that will fade off. Their music is so unique that it will be there for generations to hear. Linkin Park experiment with their music and is a nu metal and rap metal band.


1. Numb

Numb is Linkin Parks most famous song ever from Linkin Parks second album “Meteora”. This nu metal song is a brilliant song which topped the charts for 12 whole weeks, which makes it the most successful and only song that stood on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart for 2 years.

Numb was also included in the top 100 track of the decade in Rhapsodys list.


2. Papercut

Written and composed by Linkin Park, Papercut is the first single from Linkin Park in their first ever album Hybrid Theory. Papercut was a song that was written by Chester from experience of his childhood drug abuse and constant fighting. It’s a song about a strong individual who looks out for himself, who is haunted by paranoia.

Papercut is of metal genre mixed with rap. Chesters voice is like an angel touch to this song. Overall, its a great song from LP which includes strong emotions.


3. In The End

Linkin Park had a great start with its first album named “Hybrid Theory”. Experiment with their music and the inclusion of a mixer with a rapper is what gave them the reputation they have today. In the End was another great song from their first album. The song was written to show persons failure and telling people that in the end all will be alright.

In the End featured #2 in the billboard hot 100 and have reached charts like The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born. This song features great performance from Mike Shinoda, Chester, the bass guitarist and the lead guitarist. The drummer has had more success in other songs than in this.


4. The Catalyst

The Catalyst is the 14th single from Linkin Parks latest album “A Thousand Suns”. In this experimental album, Linkin Park got great reviews from the critics and had topped the US billboard Rock Song chart and got #20 spot in Billboard Hot Digital Songs.

The Catalyst changes its tune from electronic medium to fist pumping rock complemented with great lyrics and backing vocals. The song is like an anthem to destroy evil, before it destroys us. The music video of this song is just very impressive in its smoke and water medium featured with slow motion videography.


5. What I’ve Done

I’m sure all of you must have seen the Transformers movie! Linkin Park provided the theme song for it, giving it some extra advertisement to the already great song. What Ive Done is Linkin Parks first single from their third album “Minutes To Midnight”.

In the music video, LP shows the rising prices of commodities, pollution caused by industries, killing of animals, increasing poverty and hunger, terrorism, religion, eventually creating a mess of the world we live in. This song helps you regret doing all the bad things we do that could affect other things.

With a good display of music and brilliant singing from Chester, What Ive Done is overall a great song from LP.


6. Waiting For The End

“Waiting For The End” is Linkin Parks 8th single from the latest album “A Thousand Suns”. This song was also experimental which turned out to be a success. This song is now a downloadable content for the game “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock”.

This song did well in the charts ranking #1 in the US billboard Alternative Songs and #2 in the US Billboard Rock Songs. The music video of this song is the most impressive ever and so is the song which starts off smooth, then the rap by Mike followed by Chesters angelic voice. Then starts a fist bumping rock music. The music ends with a brilliant performance from the lead guitar, DJ and the drummer.


7. New Divide

“New Divide” was released as a single specifically for Michael Bays film “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen”. New Divide was the films theme song and was one of the very few that was included in the Rock songs, hot mainstream rock and modern rock at the same time.

New Divide became a run away success after the film was launched. The song perfectly fit into Transformers scifi genre. Its heavy, its catchy and is futuristic. The Drummer and the lead vocalist did an amazing job in this song.


8. Faint

“Faint” was a single from LP in their second studio album “Meteora”. Mike Shinoda has a main role in this song. It is a mixture of heavy music with rap and Chesters heavy vocals. The drummer gives an exhilarating performance in this song.

Faint is the bands third single to hit the #1 chart and reached #1 in the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and #2 in mainstream Rock Tracks.


9. Somewhere I Belong

The first single from Linkin Parks album “Meteora”, is the song “Somewhere I Belong”. This song entered most of the top 10 charts that were available in the US and other countries.

This song starts off slow with some DJ mixes. The pace kicks up slowly and hits the metal range. The guitarists do a great job in this song. Overall, its a great song to listen to.


10. Crawling

“Crawling” is the fifth track from the album “Hybrid Theory”. It was this song that had got them the Grammy award for the Best hard rock Performance. Its a song composed by Linkin park in which the person is suffering from some brain damage and cannot blend in.

This song featured #3 and #4 in the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and Modern Rock Tracks respectively. Crawling was received well from the fans.

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  1. annie

    Totally wrong info check out the song by linkin park “LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST” fr twilight that has to be no 1 song

  2. damn

    annie…go listen music…leave out all the rest was good song, but not the best of LP

    but crawling in 10? that is hard to believe, i think it was the music that made them to the success

  3. pugeh

    i don’t care which song should be the first…the important is which band will be the first….!!!

  4. sandeep s parashar

    Numb deserves 1st place, no question in tat… Guys try to sing along…


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