Top 10 Useless Inventions

Inventions are much termed as historical events by us. However, certain inventions aren’t meant to be as historic as others are. Such inventions can be classified as very less useful to consider them for anything. These dumb inventions also have their place in classic ranking for top dumb inventions list. Let’s review top 10 most useless inventions in history.


1. Hubbard Electrometer, 1968

This device was invented by Volney Mathison, who was collaborating with Hubbard in his experiments. Hubbard claims that the device is capable of measuring whether vegetables and fruits feel pain or not. He tested it on tomatoes and claimed that the tomatoes “screamed when sliced’. The original use of this device is restricted by the Church of Scientology for professionals. It is based as a religious practice by trying to gain knowledge of spiritual freedom of a soul. This device neither fulfills any religious claims properly not does it gives any use to the vegetable experiment that was claimed by Hubbard. Leaving the spiritual artifact side alone, it also lacks proper reasoning for its methods of practice and results, which are controversial. The lack of proper structure and explanation has already made its practice restricted scientifically.


2. Finnish Portable Sauna, 1962

Now, this is funnier than you can imagine. What is a sauna experience if you carry it around anywhere and everywhere with you? Is it making you feel great. Well, the truth is it isn’t any good as real sauna. Besides its funny structure narrows all your scope to relax while you are having one. If you can afford something that might be of no use any further, but looks like a luxury, this portable sauna is just the thing. It was criticized for its model, shape, quality and even its idea in its time.


3. Baby Cage, 1937

These Baby Cages were available in London to Chelsea Baby Club members to facilitate them to hang the baby in the cage outside the window. They didn’t have any gardens or any specific place where they can leave their babies when they cannot be left in the house or the streets. So this was the alternative. It sure didn’t work but it was still imagined that parents would want to hang their children outside of high block window for the baby’s entertainment! With a baby, so sensitive and soft to handle, it is hard to imagine that someone did invent this baby cage as a useful thing.


4. Illuminated Tires, 1961

We have black tires in automobile and technology is devoted in making them more efficient for the weight of the automobile and their torque. However, this invention was entirely different. The automobile had Illuminated Tires, not one but all four of them! It was still a limelight for its degree of entertainment. Otherwise, it was completely useless for any automobile.


5. Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, 1954

Now we all know it is hard to give up smoking, but how far one can go to smoke? This experiment is the best answer. Rainy day cigarette holder was invented by Robert L. Stern to facilitate smoking even when it is raining and ones feels like smoking. However, it was not even adopted by chain smokers. The cigarette holder consists of a device covering the cigarette to protect it from raindrops while one is smoking. It you really wish to try it, you will see it is not very useful for the same purpose either.


6. Shower Hood, 1970

Would you like to take a refreshing bath first and then put on makeup, or reverse the process? Please don’t be surprised. This Shower Hood is designed to help women want to put on makeup first and then proceed with cleaning their face. This invention was only useful for being in the dumb inventions category. It has absolutely no use otherwise.


7. Fast Draw Robot, 1960

Is it suitable to give a robot a gun? This topic has always been handled very carefully in the world of robotics. The concept itself is highly criticized by the scientists and by the people as well. On the other hand, this invention encourages a robot with a gun. You might be thinking that what’s the point of fussing about it. It might be a little experiment with a gun with no bullets to watch a robot’s response to the same. Here, the inventor gives a loaded gun to the robot encouraging shooting continuously in the experiment. This invention has no meaning for any purpose. Besides, it was highly criticized for its idea.


8. Mini Television, 1966

Perhaps, Clive Sinclair, the inventor of the mini television was more about how small a TV can be. So he invented a TV on which the picture cannot be seen clearly by naked eyes. The glasses that are worn to see the picture are very thick. Now, would you want to minimize your entertainment experience to its limit where your eyes might start hurting? The answer is no. This invention was only useful from display point of view.


9. Cat-Mew Machine, 1963

A device to scare off rats and other rodents from the house might be useful. However, the useful becomes expenditure if it is powered by a two watt motor. This Cat-Mew Machine was invented for the same purpose. Although, it didn’t serve as any useful invention of its time.


10. Cigarette Holder Built for Two, 1955

Smokers claim to feel lighter moments when they smoke, that makes them satisfied enough to smoke again and again. Do you think a smoker would like to share this experience simultaneously with someone else; looking like a dumb, when it doesn’t even equalizes the same smoking effect to any of the smoker. This invention can be considered for romantic purposes, which might become more considerate if one does not want to share the nicotine vapors with other person. Perhaps, the display can be useful as a funny part. Otherwise, it does not contribute for any use to smokers even.

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    The inventions are really nice to hear. Especially, the baby cage was really very useful invention. Now-a-days, lots of new model are invented.


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