On A Per Capita Basis – Top Ten Countries With The Most Nobel Prize Winners

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6. United Kingdom:

Once again, a small country with a fairly small population but a very large list of Prize Winners. They have a total of 117 winners so far, and many of them have been won in the field of sciences such as Chemistry and Physics, They won their first Nobel in 1902 and 2010 they added to their tally with three more.


7. Austria:

They have won 10 Nobel Prizes, and the youngest person ever to receive a prize was a citizen of their country. William Lawrence Bragg was only 25 years old when he won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1915.


8. Ireland:

Ten winners and five of them winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Ireland is a surprising addition to this list. In 1998 two of their citizens shared the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process, and in 1976 the two co-founders of Community of Peace People were awarded the Peace Prize


9. Germany:

102 winners and a population of approximately 84 million people, Germany is a part of this list due to it’s long list of Prize winners. From 1901 till 2009 they have won awards in all the fields of Nobel Prize segments.


10. Netherlands:

Another Scandinavian country, Netherlands has so far won 19 prizes, the latest being the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010, won by Andre Geim. With 9 winners in the field of Physics, they seem to be specializing in that segment of science,



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