Top Ten Wildlife Photographers In The World

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We dwell on a marvelously assorted globe and share it with an enthralling and incredible assortment of creatures in the wild in an abundance of varied habitats. At, we are excited about the wildlife and scenery our planet has to provide, and in identifying this, our writers has generated from the archives some of the best wildlife photospheres. There are wide varieties to select from, but those featured herein have been identified for their distinct scenery, the uncommonness of the encounter and the pure sight you are probably to take pleasure in. Listed below are the top ten wildlife photographers of the year.


1. The Snow Leopard – Steven Winter

Taken by Steven Winter in India’s Hemis National Park is the award winning snow leopard. The photograph won the award- Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, an event organized by the Natural History Museum. The photo was taken at night in the freezing cold and the photographer Steven Winter admitted that it was quite challenging taking a photo on those conditions. He later said that prior to his wining he had shot more than 30,000 wildlife photos. The endangered specie finally made it to the top.


2. Man and Whale – Brian Skerry

Number two on the list is man and whale photo taken by Brian Skerry. This spectacular image won the best under water wildlife category in the annual Natural Museum event. The photo was captured off New Zealand’s Auckland Islands. This is the area where pure inhabitants were discovered a decade ago. Getting the perfect shot was not that easy as they had not seen a human and drastic measure had to be taken to lure one for the best shot. The photographer revealed that he had to set up his assistant as bait even though the animal is friendly.


3. Black Colobus Monkey- David Maitland

Not all wildlife stories are good to write home about. Some are desperation to highlight the ever rising conflict between humans and nature. This picture won in the category of One Earth Award that attempts to show the plight of wild animals at the hands of humans desperate to make a dollar. The photo shows a black colobus monkey whose fur is being singed in readiness for an illegal bush-meat sale in Gabon. The fur is singed out so that the creature can be sold naked but whole. Whereas, the image may be disturbing, it tells of a story of wildlife that in a few years will not be in existence.


4. Deadlock- David Maitland

David Maitland the UK- based photographer seems to know how to take award winning photographs. At number seven on the top ten wildlife photographers is this image that was ultimately named deadlock that won the Animal Behavior award in the same event organized by Natural History Museum. The image was taken deep in the night somewhere in the Belizean rain forest. The photographer said that he had to watch from and could not come to a conclusive conclusion on who won the fight. He had to call it a day due to exhaustion and to date does not know if the frog or the snake won the fight.


5. Cyril Ruoso – Winner Animal Behavior: Mammals Category

This is truly an amazing story of three hunters. At number five is a story of three chimpanzees that are unable to make a decision on how to share a hunt led by the group leader holding the trophy. Captured by Cyril Ruoso in the thick forests in Tanzania Gombe National Park, is the award winning photo in Mammals category. It is rare for chimpanzees to get such a rare catch given that their hunt usually targets smaller monkeys.


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