Top Ten Wildlife Photographers In The World

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6. Stefano Unterthiner – Winner Animal Portrait

At number six is Stefano’s animal portrait of black macaque. Taking the photo was not a walk in the park as Stefano had to follow the group of black crested macaque for a period of six weeks in the same attire. This was meant for the monkeys to recognize him easily and be at ease. It is a spectacular image that will definitely be enjoyed by all.


7. Clash of white-tailed eagles- Antoni Kasprzak

At number seven and winner of animal behavior in the birds category is a fight between two white-tailed eagles on a Polish winter. The fight was about a dead mouse on a rail track. Given the deplorable condition, finding food is quite hard and a fight had to ensue as to who was fit to consume the animal.


The following images were taken by anonymous persons while on the nature trial. It tells a story of calmness wildlife experience in their natural habitats without the interference of man.


8. The hippos o Moremi National Park South Africa

This is a picture that was taken while on a safari in South Africa.


9. A tiger in an Indian National Park

At number nine is the image of a tiger taken in an Indian National Park. The burly animal seems to be in a wander land or perhaps had eaten a hearty meal and was wondering how to get the next.


10. Polar Bears Sunbathing

Last but not least the spectacular image of polar bears sun bathing on ice.


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