Top 10 Scientists Of World

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There is no doubt that scientist have contributed greatly to the continued development of the present society. Some of the things that we enjoy today such as electricity are but innovations of someone who dedicated his life. Unlike other professions, scientists are well known for giving up everything else to research as well as innovation. It is well documented in history of scientist who were persecuted for their cause but that did not stop them from making the breakthroughs that they made. In a bid to celebrate scientist around the world, the article seeks to highlight some of the greatest scientists of all times.


1. Aristotle

Aristotle is well known as the greatest philosopher of his time. He had wide knowledge regarding different disciplines something that has been managed only by a few scientists. His contribution ranges from physics, zoology, biology, politics, ethics and logic amongst others. Contributions made by Aristotle can still be felt in the present age despite having lived hundreds of years ago.


2. Sir Isaac Newton

Probably considered as one of the greatest scientist of his time. Just like Aristotle, Isaac Newton was well versed in different subject areas such as mathematics, physics and natural philosophy amongst others. Isaac Newton is best known for his contribution in attempting and managing to explain gravitational law as well as the three laws of motion. Nothing in the previous life of this great man of science suggested that he would be one of the celebrated scientists but managed to overcome all the barriers before him to excel.


3. Galileo Galilei

Up-to-date, Galileo Galilei is still considered as having made the greatest contribution to science. Despite having been persecuted by the church for what he believed in, that did not deter him from making discoveries that are still being used in the present age. Not only was he a physicist but also an astronomer as well as a philosopher. His contributions to science include creation of telescope and first two laws of motion.


4. Charles Robert Darwin

Coming in at number four is Charles Darwin even though there are those who dispute to him having been a scientist in the first place. His contributions major on origin of man. He is also known to have traveled extensively around the world so as to prove his theories.


5. Albert Einstein

Looking at the past of Albert Einstein nobody would not have thought that a boy who could not talk till he attained the age of three and had to wait till he was eight years of age to read could be one of the greatest scientists of all time. In spite of all the hurdles that faced him, he managed to win noble peace prize for the contributions he made in physics.


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