Top 10 Laptop Brands In The World

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Technology has brought in lot of changes. Today you have the laptop which you can carry wherever you go. The only problem is that with so many manufacturers of laptops buying one can be a bit confusing. However you can select one that meets your requirement. While buying a laptop, look for a brand that is just perfect for your line of work. The product should be such that is comfortable and user-friendly. Laptops are made with the purpose to make our work easy for us and also to save time.


Some of the laptops that are currently available are loaded with a lot of features. Take an informed decision before going in for your purchase. The three things that are important are reliability, usability and performance. Today there are some top selling brands in the market and rankings are given as per consumer preferences. Some brands of laptops have managed to earned the confidence of consumers and thus remain as top selling brands irrespective of new additions.


So here we give you the list of top 10 laptop brands in the world.


1. Apple:

One of the most reliable brands is perhaps Apple. The laptops made by Apple are known as Mac books. It comes with innovative features and can be easily distinguished from other brands. In fact Apple had been a source of inspiration for other brands. Look wise Apple notebooks are slim and sleek. These are easy to carry because of being light weight. Performance wise these have high ratings. At present three variants of the Macbook series are available- Macbook, Pro and Air. Compared to other brands Apple notebooks are expensive but are worth the price.


2. Lenovo:

The next most admired brand of laptop is Lenovo. It is a China based company which has taken the laptop market by storm with its innovative products. The ThinkPad notebook series from Lenovo has won several awards. The IdeaPad laptop is another bestseller from the company. The success of Lenovo lies in its ability to transform the requirements of consumers into actual products. Its ThinkPad series of laptops have been highly successful because of this factor. So if you are looking for reliability, productivity, efficiency, features, security and looks then you get all these with a Lenovo.


3. Alienware:

This one is also a fantastic product. It looks solid built and the feel is also great. You can have a choice of features depending on how much you want to spend on it. If you are currently using a desktop and want to replace it with something better then the M15x from Alienware can be a good option. The LED lighting system in this laptop is truly unique. The keyboard also has backlight (LED) that enables the user to type even if there is no light in the room. You can also choose different screen types. It has done away with the CD tray and instead it has a CD slot.


4. ASUS:

The next on the list is the Eee Line series from ASUS. This is a Taiwan-based company which offers innovative laptops. The Eee netbooks from ASUS are very popular because of its affordability. The two best selling models are the 1018P and 1016P. These are energy efficient models which has the Intel Atom N455 processor. The monitor displays images that are clear and crisp. The battery lasts for quite long (10 hours plus). This is very useful if you work outdoors for long hours. The netbook is also lightweight (2.4 pounds).


5. Sony:

This Japan based brand needs no introduction as it had been a pioneer in introducing several top notch products in the past. Sony has always been famous for its high quality products. All its products are known for its features, design and functionality. The name of this brand denotes power and consumers from all around the globe will vouch for that. Sony launched its laptops under the Vaio name and today you have different laptops under this series. Some of the highest selling models are the W series, the TT series, the Z series, and the SR series and so on.


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