Top 10 MBAs of the World

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A Master of Business Administration degree is a guarantee of a great career in the fields of Finance, Marketing or Human Resources. No wonder that students every year are curious to find out the top ten Universities of the World with a great MBA program. The stalwarts of the business schools vie with each other for the rankings. The top ten keep shifting places up and down the list but otherwise the following ten business schools are the accepted leaders of the world in the field of business education.


1. London Business School

The MBA at London Business School has been elbowing out the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania for the number one spot for the last two years and looks like it is going to hold on to this place for the year 2011. Successful candidate to this business school have a score above 700 in the GMAT. LBS as it is called is a member college of the University of London and is situated centrally in London beside Regent’s Park. A thousand students from at least a hundred and thirty countries of the world graduate from this business school every year.


2. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

The number two spot goes to Wharton School which is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania. It is the first business school in the United States of America and was established in 1881. It is a very selective school in its student enrolment and depends on a high GPA and GMAT scores for its selection besides other criteria. Since 2009 it accepts the GRE along with GMAT for its admissions. The first collegiate MBA in the world was established by Joseph Wharton a Philadelphia industrialist. The Wharton School offers nineteen majors which are admirably taught by 250 members of the faculty. The concentration of subjects includes, finance, marketing, human resources, business ethics and legal studies.


3. Harvard Business School

The number three ranking goes to Harvard Business School which was established in the year 1908. Harvard is a private business school with an endowment of more than two billion dollars. It has more than eighteen hundred students in its MBA programs. It is located at Boston but is on the other side of the Charles River from the rest of the University. A very quaint feature of all the buildings at Harvard is that they are connected by underground tunnels. The attributes expected from successful Harvard MBA programs include leadership, intellectual curiosity and a concern and desire to serve the world community.  Harvard is famous for its case study method of teaching in the business school.


4. Stanford University GSB

Stanford Graduate School of Business ranks fourth in the MBA list. It was established in 1925 and is located at Stanford, California. It has one of the largest endowments at more than a billion dollars. A star cast of Nobel Laureates, members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and National Academy of Sciences, makes up the faculty of this prestigious college. It is very selective in its system of admission for its students and has the lowest rate of acceptance in the world, that is, it only selects 6.8% of all the students who apply for its MBA. It has less than four hundred students per year, a near one fifth of the students at Harvard. Its former students include Ben Bernanke, Phil Knight founder of Nike and President John F. Kennedy.



The number five spot in MBAs goes to INSEAD (Institut Europeen d’Administration des Affaires) or European Institute of Business Administration. It is located on three campuses in the world. In Europe it is at Fontainebleau, near Paris in France. In Asia it is situated in Singapore and in the Middle East at Abu Dhabi. It is generally recognized as the top business school for the one year program in the world. The MBA offers all the core subjects like Finance, Marketing and Accounting. The program includes case studies, lectures, tutorials and simulations. The business school was established in 1957 and has nearly nine hundred MBA students every year. It is fast coming up as a threat to the top three.


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