Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games is the full form of MMORPG and as the name says the subscribers to these games are in the massive millions. The games occur in a virtual online world and players acquire avatars or toons and their characteristics and gather items improving and growing stronger all the time while playing roles of the characters in this fantasy world. The role players can play against players PvP or against the environment PvE. Role play is an important part of the games. The following are the top ten MMORPGs of all time:-


1. World of WarCraft –Cataclysm

This is definitely the number one game. This MMORPG has been a gold mine for Blizzard Entertainment. The game has come a long way to the latest expansion called Cataclysm since starting in 1994 with WarCraft: Orcs and Humans. This MMORPG has gained an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for the maximum number of subscribers. It has more than 12 million subscribers and is growing daily. A subscription fee has to be paid every month through credit card for continuance after the fortnight or month package sold with the software. It is so popular that advertisers of unrelated goods use it and a good example it Toyota trucks.


2. Final Fantasy IV

This is the number two MMORPG. It is a very popular role playing game developed originally in 1991 by Square now called Square Enix. Over the years it has migrated to Sony and Nintendo. The protagonist is Cecil a Dark Knight who has a worthy adversary in Golbez. The musical score plays an important part in this latest version and the original score is by Nobuo Uematsu. This game introduced the successful active time battle (ATB) system. The many features which unfold as one plays makes the game very interesting include magic. Magic which is white for good and black for bad and the Ninjutsu together with Summon Monster support.


3. Eve Online

Eve online has been developed by CCCP Games.  It is a great treat for players who like science fiction and space ship and new planets.  It is the single environment player driven power of the trapped colonists which makes the game so interesting. The game is distributed by Atari. The latest version of Eve Online is called Incursion. The story is placed 21000 years in the future from today where humans have exhausted all the natural resources on Earth and have to colonize other stars of the Milky Way. The exact date of the entire game is in 23341 AD.


4. Rift

Rift has been developed by Trion Worlds. It is a very popular game right now. It is a star addition to MMORPGs. The game is set on Telara which is the central world in this fantasy. There is a death god called Regulos who has initiated attacks on Telara with other worlds. The Guardians and the Defiant are in turn combating Regulos. The players have to adopt the role or avatar of Ascended who have to give battle to Regulos. There are four roles to choose from Warrior, Rogue, Cleric and Mage. All in all it is a good fantasy game.


5. DC Universe Online

This ranks as number 5. It is loved by comic readers of all generations and includes the all time favorites of Superman, Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman. The developer of the game is Sony Online Entertainment. Thanks to them all the DC superheroes like Flash and Green Lantern walk virtual reality. Lex Luthor, Batman all battle against each other and other villains. Players can choose the character they want to be and collect the uniform, the powers of that character.


6. Flyff

Flyff has been developed by Gala lab and is a good fantasy. It is hosted in thirteen nations and has been played by millions of people. Flyff is the short form of Fly for Fun. This is the story of a planet called Roika with human similarities. The Gods leave a creature name Rhisis to take care of the people while they are gone.


7. Runescape

Runescape is an all time favorite of MMORPG players. It is developed by Jagex Studios. The best feature is that it is free to play online. The player base of the game is also tremendous with at least 200,000 logging on each day to play. The interesting feature in this game is the skills that can be acquired while playing the game. One can learn baking; mining is one activity and then trading too with the ore mined. The visuals are pretty but cannot be improved upon because the game is developed in Java.


8. Aion

Aion  has been developed by Aion Team Development Dept. it was released by NC soft a Korean games producer. In Asia it was known as Aion: The Tower of Eternity. It has been released in the USA as Aion: the Assault on Balaurea. It has millions of subscribers in Asia. It has both PvP and PvE environments.


9. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

This very popular MMORPG game can be taken under the sword and sorcery category. It has been developed by the Norwegian company Funcom. It is available on a monthly subscription the Xbox 360 version has not been released as planned earlier. This release celeberates seventy six years of the Conan franchise. An expansion of the game for use in the East has been called Rise of the Godslayer. It is set in a mythical realm of Khitai. To reinforce the Asian feel of the game  new music was added created by Knut Avenstroup Haugen.


10. Archeage

The developer of this medieval fantasy is XL Games and the designer is Jake Song. The popularity of the game can be gauged from the fact that Tencent the holders of have paid more than fifty million dollars for the rights of this game in China. The developers of the game promise a community inside the game like the one seen in Ultima Online.

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  1. otcconan

    No City of Heroes, instead DC Online? For shame! COH set the bar. Agree totally with EVE, though.

  2. Brian

    Wow what about Ultima Online??
    Pretty much pioneered MMORPGs.
    It was great when there was no choice for PVP.
    When you died everything on you became lootable.
    Ah the golden age of MMORPG, before everything went care bear style.

  3. Joe

    Wow..I cannot believe some of the games that are on here. First of all, FF IV was not an mmorpg. Second Archeage is not even finished, I cannot be considered for this sort of thing. Third, Flyff…are you fucking kidding. In no way is that game even in the top 50 mmorpgs. I don’t agree with Aion either, terrible game. No content at all in the game, and the graphics are sub par. Who ever made this list should have their internet revoked. Thanks for making me laugh though.

  4. GC

    @ Brian: What what be good about everything on you becoming lootable? Lets say you grinded 2 years to get the max amount of gold, and then you die, and a noob takes everything on you, including your best weapons. That really sucks.


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