Top 10 Hottest Women

These women have been selected for the ooze and oomph factor. Sexiness oozes out of each pore of their body. None of them are above thirty so many of the automatic choices have been relegated to the sexy women of the past. So it is bye bye Angelina Jolie and Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria. It is time to look ahead. Women with wrinkles cannot be sexy sadly so we are going for the young and talented ladies of the next decade. We are keeping our feet in this century no Marlene Dietrich or Marilyn Monroe. Life is here let us talk about the women who are going to sizzle the ramps the charts and the movies. A woman you yearn to know in the Biblical sense.


1. Beyonce Knowles

This is the last chance for her on this list for she is going to be thirty in September this year. She was born on September 4 1981. Right now she is hot in the right places. A Grammy winner many times she is a great beauty and a great singer. She was a part of the R&B band Destiny’s Child before she took off very successfully on her solo career. She really is very blessed by God in her looks.


2. Scarlett Johansson

This talented lady is a superb actress and has the hot looks to sustain her in the top ten hot women list forever. She is a BAFTA and Golden Globe winner for her acting. She was born on 22 November 1984 in New York. She has also won a Tony. The only words that can describe this child star of only a few years back is as a voluptuous and luscious blonde. She has a special smile which wins the hearts of her fans. She has also been the model for such brands as Calvin Klein, L’Oreal and Louis Vitton. She is a regular on the Sexy women list.


3. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is another regular on the Hot list. She was born on May 16, 1986. Now she is famous as the Transformer girl. She was born in Oakridge, Tennessee. She has been on the cover of many famous magazines. The British paper The Sun has declared August 4 as a Megan Fox day because they feel she deserves an exclusive day of her own on the calendar. That is the kind of response she gets in some people. She is much tattooed and has eight tattoos all over her body.


4. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima has only this chance to be on our list because this June 12 she will be thirty. She looks sexier as she grows older and has been on many hot lists. She is a Brazilian model who has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000. She has worked as a model for many famous designers like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vitton and Givenchy. She has been featured in Vanity Fair magazine.


5. Irina Shayk

Irina Shaykhlislamova was born in the USSR on January 6, 1986. Now she is better known as Irina Shayk or Irina Sheik. She is the cover model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year. She has also been the face of Intimissimi an Italian clothing brand. She has been featured in famous magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Spain. She is already on the sexiest models list as number ten. She has become famous also as being footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s girl friend.


6. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker is another girl who has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. This was in 2010. Brooklyn was born on April 12, 1987 in Kettering, Ohio. She has also made headlines by marrying tennis super star Andy Roddick. She has been Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman alive in 2010.


7. Jessica White

Jessica White is another super model on our list of hot women. She was born on June 22, 1984 at Buffalo, New York. She has been a regular model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She had been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Teen Vogue. She has worked for famous brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger as a ramp model.


8. Bar Rafaeli

Healthy oomph is what you think of when you look at Bar Rafaeli. She was born on the 4th of June 1985 in Israel. She has been modelling since a young age and has featured in magazines like Elle, Maxim and GQ. She was the first Israeli model to appear on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She has modelled for Garnier International and Subaru. She does social work for Project Sunshine. She has been romantically linked for a long time to Leonardo DiCaprio.


9. Cheryl Cole

Beauty and talent work together to make Cheryl Cole one of the hottest women of the world. She was born on 30th June 1987 in Newcastle upon Tyne in England. She is a great Pop and R&B singer. Her looks make her one of the most attractive singers in the world. She has an individual style in wearing clothes and has thus been termed as a Fashionista by the magazines. She has been a popular judge on the television show The X Factor. She has appeared on the cover of British Vogue. She was a part of the successful band Girls Aloud. She was named the sexiest woman in the world in 2009 by FHM magazine.


10. Selita Ebanks

She might be number ten this year but she is closing in fast on all the other hot women who are running for cover. This girl is hot. She was born on15th of February of 1983 in the Cayman Islands. She is a New Yorker now. She has been a Victoria’s Secret model. She was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue of 2007. She was later a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has worked with brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. She is busy finishing a self help book for women. She has worked as a Celebrity Apprentice but was fired. She has worked with Kanye West on the video Runaway.


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