Top 10 Christmas Gifts

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It is a very personal thing. The choice of Christmas gifts is a matter of taste and of course money. A King or Queen could easily buy a castle or a diamond tiara as a gift but for a normal human being with a budget deciding upon a Christmas gift can cause some heartache. While giving a gift one always looks for the pleasure factor that the gift will induce in the recipient. There is also the surprise factor. To receive one’s heart’s desire on Christmas can be a pleasant experience.


1. Designer French Wallet

A beautiful calf leather designer French Wallet by Ralph Laurent would be the ideal gift for the better half on Christmas. Made in Italy it is reasonably priced at a little over two hundred dollars. It has a perfectly matched buckle and ring on a smart belt going round the center of the wallet. The size is very handy at four inches by five and a half inches with a depth or width of one and a half inches. It looks elegant in a natural buff finish. Definitely something the wife would be pleased to get on Christmas.


2. Wireless Reading Device

This wireless reading device is the ideal gift for someone who loves reading books. It is sold under the brand name of Kindle. It has a six inch reading area with a contrast that makes reading as natural as reading from a paper book. The lightweight reading device weighs only 8.5 ounces. It has a battery life which lasts amazingly for a month which is enormous by all standards. The Kindle book reader can access a huge library of 900,000 books and magazines including the New York Times best sellers list. A majority of the classic books are free for down loading. The reading device is Wi-Fi enabled.


3. Helicopter Ride

Your parents have lived in their home town for years. They have walked the streets, driven to the mall and parked in pleasant areas of the city. Perhaps you can give them a new perspective of their city. A helicopter ride over the city you love can be an exciting gift. Taken in the evening one can see the sparkling lights of the city on Christmas. A bird’s eye view from a helicopter.


4. Gourmet Whip Tool

There is always a chef in the family. This is the ideal tool for him or her. It is a whipping tool in stainless steel. It can be used for making sauces, creams, foams, batters and mixtures for beverages. It is a great flavour injector and ideal for making a delicious and tender turkey. This is completely dish washer safe. The beautiful kitchen tool has been designed and crafted by super designers of Austria. It is ideal for making whipped desserts. Espumas and Mousse are just a shake away with the gourmet whip. It comes with three decorator tips.


5. A Spa Certificate

This is the perfect gift for Mom. A totally paid visit to a chic Spa can be the perfect Christmas gift. The visit includes relaxing massages and soothing facials. The prepaid gift package can include all the frills for the grooming of a beautiful woman. The spa certificate can include many additional features like manicures and pedicures. It would be perfect with a sauna and a lounging day at the swimming pool. Add on a Brazilian waxing for the perfect day at the spa.


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