Top 10 Best Home Based Businesses

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Most people dream of working from home. It comes to mind definitely when commuting for hours to and from the workplace. Traffic Jams are the great inspiration for people to stay at home and start a lucrative business. Anything can be done from home nowadays because of the internet and telecommunications revolution. Of Course the scale might have to be kept small to keep it manageable from home but the profits are bigger with no rent and transport to pay for. Many women have been working from home, now men too have joined hands with them to run successful businesses from home. Here is a list of ten best businesses that can be done from home. Of course one has to go out sometime but this is only when it suits the home based business schedule.


1. Writing

This is one job that has traditionally been done from home. Writers now can access the internet and use its resources as a library. The sudden boom in the world wide web has created a great demand for writers who can create pages that attract viewers on to blogs and web sites.


2. Surveys

This is another creation of the twenty first century. One can stay at home and get paid for doing surveys for companies. These companies carry out market surveys and product surveys for various companies. They need people to answer and give feedback on products and services. Companies even send samples of food and cosmetics to the surveyors place at home for taking an opinion. You get free samples and also get paid for your opinions.


3. Candle Making

This is for people with an artistic touch. Candles can be made at home using raw materials bought at wholesale rates. These candles are very popular for decorations on festivals like Christmas or anniversaries. People love to light candles at home as soft lighting instead of harsh electric lighting. There are many new ideas like floating candles and perfumed candles. All these products have a very large market and even the internet can be used to display products on web sites and to take orders.


4. Tutorials

Part time classes can be taken to help children who are having difficulties in keeping up in class or in finishing their homework. This one on one method of teaching also infuses confidence in students who are otherwise very shy in class. These classes are of great therapeutic value. The tutorials can also be given to people studying in higher classes.


5. Day Trading

Anyone with a computer can become a day trader in shares. One can become a sub broker of a broking house and the trading screen can be accessed through the internet. With a little training and patience money can be made from trading in safe stocks. It is also a great way to get practical training in investment strategies. Most brokers give some guidance to their sub brokers to enable them to make safe and profitable trades. It is also a branch of study which is endless. One can acquire knowledge of all the companies of the world and learn to read balance sheets and analyse fundamental statistics and to read technical charts.


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