Top 10 Dance Songs

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6. Everything but the girl— Missing

The song was released in 1994 on August 8. It was a part of the album Amplified Heart. This song was intended by the duo group of Everything but the Girl as a dance number. This number gave them world wide recognition in the discos of the world. The writers of the song are Tracy Thorn and Ben Watt. The song spent one year on the US Hot 100 chart. The British duo of Thorn and Watt had many more hits after this which was considered as their signature tune.


7. Darude – Sandstorm

This trance track by Ville Virtanen who calls himself by the name Darude is a great favourite of the dance floors. It was released in 1999. The origin of his name comes from the fact that he played the song Rude Boy many times at a party and thus he began to be called the Rude Boy and from there it morphed into Da Rude or Darude. Sandstorm was the biggest selling in 2000 and sold more than two million copies.


8. Armin van Buuren – Trance hits

The ten or eleven years since 2000 have been ruled by songs mixed by DJs on the dance floor. The most prominent among them is Van Buuren born in the Netherlands and made famous by his radio show ‘A State of Trance.’ His songs are always being heard on the dance floors of the world. He has been voted the most popular DJ for four years running from 2007. Buuren has his own studio. He mixes up all the songs of a year into a two hour composition which is very well received the world over.


9. Paul Van Dyk – Electronic Dance Music

Paul van Dyk is the other DJ who has ruled the dance floors of the world. He calls himself a producer and creator of Electronic Dance Music. His dance mixes have sold almost five million copies all over the world. His real name is Matthias Paul and he is a German. His music has won him the Grammy Award for him in the special category of Electronic Music. He has also shared a Grammy for the music of Dark Knight.


10. GIORGIOSST— Remixes

These are the most popular downloads as of right now. The current favourites include Best Dance Songs 2011. Something about you is a compilation of 2010 dance songs. These are hot on the dance floors of the world. Other albums are best Dance Hits of Summer 2010 and Best dance songs of 2010.


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