Top 10 Toys for Kids

Deciding the top ten toys for kids can be a daunting task. Many aspects of the toy have to be kept in mind. The prime focus is on safety, then its educational value, the durability and of course the price. Boys and girls definitely have different choices. A normal decision would be Soft toys for girls and action heroes for the boys. It usually isn’t that simple. Weapons head the list although some parents frown upon these. Remote controlled toys are very popular. Construction blocks and coloring books for the younger kids are also hot favourites. Keeping all that in mind here is the top ten list of toys for kids:-


1. Lego City Airport

It is a wonderful toy from Lego. The Lego brand has been issuing brick based toys for the last sixty years. This new addition in the form of Lego City Airport is very popular with kids and parents. Parents can help their kids build the airport terminal, Control tower and the jet plane itself. The terminal has revolving doors and a check in counter. There is an X-ray machine for the luggage and five small figurines. The five figurines are a pilot, a passenger, a service man, flight attendant and steward. There is also a baggage car.


2. Power Wheels Jeep Rubicon and Power Wheels Barbie Jammin’ Jeep

These two models are the favourites of both boys and girls. The Jeeps are powered by a twelve volt battery. The Jeeps are two speed and also have a reverse mode. The Jeeps have large treaded tyres and have grab bars for easy access and egress. These jeeps can drive at the speed of 5 mph but can be set at a safer speed of 2.5 mph. The battery of course is rechargeable.


3. Syma S 107 Remote Controlled Helicopter

This is a very popular toy with both boys and girls. The helicopter has excellent take off and landing capabilities. It can go up, down, right and left. This helicopter has two rotors placed on top of each other. It is a coaxial helicopter. The toy comes in three bright colours of red, blue and yellow. The helicopter is very sturdy because of its metal frame. The helicopter can fly up to eight minutes after every charging. It is the perfect toy for both adults and children. The remote requires six AA batteries. The helicopter can be recharged in half and hour.


4. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

Fisher Price has come up with this hot seller. This has received the Toy of the Year Award for the year 2011 by the Toy Industry Association. This is an interactive stuffed toy in animal shapes which children can use to replay songs at their own pace and volume. The toys come in bright colours including red, blue, yellow and purple. There are twelve different versions in all and identified by unique colours and individual songs for each colour. Thus the orange bear sings, ‘on top of old smokey’ and the purple dog sings, ‘Oh Susanna.” If held together these soft toys magically harmonize with each other.


5. The Nerf Blasters

Perhaps you frown upon the purchase of toy guns but these sell like hot cakes. These are extremely colourful machine guns with soft bullets. These plastic guns come in so many shapes and sizes that it is hard to make a decision as to which one to buy. These are manufactured by Hasbro. The guns can be single shot or automatic firing at sixty shots per minute. They are very popular toys for boys who like to pretend they are commandos out on a raid and tag each other with the bullets. The Nerf Blasters come as hand held guns or machine guns mounted on elaborate stands.


6. Junior Monopoly

This is the electronic version of the classic board game Monopoly. This one is also by Hasbro. The board is circular and electronic. The paper notes have been replaced with credit cards. When you go to Jail it makes a sound of a Jail door slamming. It has the usual Go and Chance. This game has been on the best seller list for the last seventy five years now. The credit cards can be credited or debited with the central electronic bank placed in the middle of the round board.


7. Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger is an eternal favourite for kids. The elaborate suit with the articulating arms and flashing lasers is very attractive for kids of all ages. Buzz has his catch phrases which he utters at the press of several buttons. One of the most famous is, ‘To Infinity and beyond.’ This is a Disney Pixar creation. Another phrase spoken by the toy is, ‘I am Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Universe Protection Unit.’


8. Push Scooters

Push scooters that kids love to roll and soon learn to balance and ride on are always on the list of top selling toys. They are timeless and environment friendly. They teach children balance which comes in useful when they learn to ride pedal bicycles. These come in exciting and attractive colors for boys and girls. Of course the scooters with little motors and chargeable batteries are also great favourites with kids.


9. Pillow Pets

Pillow pets will always remain hot favourites with little girls and small growing boys. They are ideal carry toys and bedtime companions. Made by My Pillow Pets they come in cute shapes and sizes. Pillow Pets are available as dolphins, puppies, ladybugs, penguins and monkeys. They are made of colourful and soft cuddly material loved by kids.


10. Playschool Alphie

This is the ideal toy for a three year old willing to learn the alphabet and identify colours. It is the creation of Playschool but is now under the wide umbrella of Hasbro. This one foot tall robot weighs just three pounds but belts out songs and music when required. It is a great educational toy. The robot can read, count and of course sing. It is the ideal companion for a preschooler.


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