Top 10 Ways To Make Good Impression

Impressions are important; they leave an initial taste in people’s mouths that can remain prevalent for the entire relationship. It is often said that “the first impression is the last impression” and it rightly holds. If you want to impress someone you get only few minutes to do so. The first meeting and the first few minutes of that meeting does it all. A person can well judge you with your very first appearance or talk with him or her. Building an impression that last long, you have to be really careful. Its based on the impression you create in your bosses minds that many a times you reach heights of success in your organization even when you practically never thought you will. So, how to make a good impression? Here are 10 rules we listed out for you which will help you to create the best impression possible.


1. Don’t try to impress:

This is certainly the first rule to impress a person. Don’t ever try to impress anyone. It reflects in your behaviour. The best way to impress someone is not trying to impress them. People who try too hard to impress will only end up giving an impression that they are showing off. So the main mantra here is, be subtle. Do not over do any act to create an impression. You may soon be a matter of boredom.


2. Be on Time, Be Punctual:

Punctuality is one of the most important elements that contribute towards the building up of a good impression. Being on time is absolutely essential each time every time. Being on time or at least two minute before time for any event or meeting just shows your seriousness. This will help you to impress others big time.


3. Speak less, Speak Sensible:

This is another important aspect which everyone should keep in mind. Speaking sensible and speaking less always helps to build a good impression. If you keep on blabbering and basically half of what you say doesn’t make any sense will not be entertained by people much. It will just fetch you a negative impression and people will least bother to hear you. So be precise on what you say and be sensible.


4. Be Humble:

Humility is the quality of being modest, even politely submissive, and never being arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-abasing. This is the best quality any human being can have. Always be humble towards others. Whatever the situation is however big you are or great things you did never be arrogant and never be boastful of your talent. I humble person can win hearts of people at any given situation. When people praise you for a something good you did, be humble and acknowledge the gesture with humility. This will keep you down to earth and you can do even greater things in life as success comes to those who respect success.


5. Keep Smiling:

A smile can win a heart, and it’s absolutely true in impressing people as well. Smile when they say something funny, and speak with a half smile. Smiling is actually very powerful. You can change someone’s whole behaviour towards you simply by flashing a quick innocent smile. What is also important with regards to smile is, don’t over do it. It can have a reverse effect if you continuously keep a grinning face. But then again, a sweet smile can win hearts for you.


6. Pay attention:

Almost everybody, irrespective to their status or position seeks attention, if not always, at least while they talk. So, it is absolutely important for you to pay complete attention to the person who is in conversation. Paying attention will draw the person towards you and as a result you impress him with you sincere effort of paying attention. One of the best silent compliments you can ever make to someone is to pay attention to what they are saying. People want to know you care. Show them that you do, and you have won major points.


7. Eye contact:

Eye contact is another important aspect which can generate a good impression for you. Eye contact basically means keeping your eyes fixed at the person whom you are in conversation with. This is just an act to show that you are concentrating on his or her words. Eye contact also reflects your confidence and gives you an edge over others. On the other hand you must be careful that your eye contact is not disturbing someone’s comfort level. There are many people who don’t feel comfortable of the fact that someone looks at their eyes constantly. Adjust accordingly and you shall succeed in building a great impression.


8. Talk Slowly:

Another important quality you must possess in order to impress someone is talking slow. It is a very important factor because most of the times it is found that we tend to loose our concentration easily from a person who speaks really fast. A speedy talk can most of the time distort the communication and make the entire communication boring. Speaking at an accelerated rate is not only confusing to whomever is listening, but it is a sign of being nervous and/or a sign that you want to get something past them. Master the art of talking in proper speed and you can impress everyone.


9. Be a Good Listener:

Talking is an easier task but listening is difficult. If you can be a good listener you can certainly impress people in your first meeting. Listening skills are highly important in impressing a person. A good listener can also understand better the assignments and what is expected from them and as a result they perform well. Good listening skills will certainly help you to build rapport with co-workers, bosses, and clients.


10. Be Polite:

Politeness is what you expect from others and definitely what others expect from you. Being polite can fetch you recognition and good name. This is a tremendous impression builder as people will be impressed with you if you respond to whatever comes to you, politely. Along with the above mentioned points practice politeness and you can be the most impressive person among all.


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  1. Jimbo

    You can find a long list online attributed to George Washington that includes more hints like avoid fidgeting/scratching/face touching; don’t tell of your dislike for anyone; don’t use jargon or obscenities; control your facial expressions; exit early but not anxiously; etc etc.

    But you have to be careful because there are manipulators who thrive when they encounter a person anxious to make a good impression. The manipulator exaggerates how pleased he is with your “good impression” and then is quickly “disappointed” that you “let him down” by not agreeing to be his buddy.

    Once you’ve hooked a manipulator/parasite you will wish you had never made a good impression at all and rather the person hated you. But once you’ve invested a good bit of effort in trying to get people to like you, it is extremely difficult to shrug off their opinions.

    That is why trying to please people is a trap. Be yourself.

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