Top 10 Personalized Birthday Gifts

Selecting a birthday gift has always been a tough task. Be it for whom so ever but the very idea of gifting or attending a birthday party pops up a question in everyone’s mind – what to gift? It’s true that deciding a gift for your close ones or even selecting a gift already decided takes a toll on us. If it’s the birthday of someone close to our heart and someone special, the difficulty rises. We start planning months ahead and still towards the end keep seeking advice from our friends. However it looks like, birthday gifts has to be special and must compliment the special day for the birthday person. Personalized gifts often are a good choice but then again the same question pops up as to what to gift? Here is a list of ten items you can gift someone as a personalized birthday gift.


1. Birthstone and name Pendant:

One of the best gift to give on a birthday is a pendant with the name and birthstone on it. This is a very royal gift to present any one you love. The pendant can be on gold or silver and it can have the name of the birthday person engraved on it. This will look very beautiful on anyone who wears it. This is definitely a gift worth giving to a person you love.


2. Embossed Leather Watch Case:

A watch case is a very useful as well as an elegant gift for anyone. You can purchase a stylish leather watch holder or a case and emboss the name of the person on it. This will make a great present and you can feel satisfied as well. This will be liked by people of all ages other them children and can serve as a utility gift. Emboss the name on the top of the case or on the front side bottom line there the clip is attached. This can me also customized more by putting in a message embossed on the inside of the box cover.


3. Name Engraved Wooden Pen Set:

This is also a great gift to present to someone who is in his or her middle age. The wooden aspect makes the gift more sober and adds status to it. The name can be engraved in the pen as well as on the outer box. The wood can be the red or yellow wood depending on your preference. This pen set will be liked by the receiver because it brings in style and attitude both together.


4. Key Chain with Car Number Embossed:

A key chain is always a popular gift item and with some innovations crafted on it it would be even better. You can buy a wooden key chain and craft on it the car number of the person you want gift that key ring to. On one side of the key you can put the car company logo or get the name of the person embossed in it and the other side can have the number of the car. It is a unique idea and can be a great gifting item.


5. Leather wallets with Name Engraved:

Leather wallets are one of the most liked gifts by all. It gives us style and a sense of status. It can be a very good gift item if you personalize it by engraving the name of the person on it. This engraving can be done on the front either on top left or bottom right corner. This will definitely be appreciated by the person you give it to.


6. A Beer Glass with Embossed name and message:

This is also a very elegant gift to be given on a birthday. You can buy a beer glass and emboss the name of the birthday person with a short and sweet message. This will be very effective as the glass will come up really smooth with the embossed name on it. Now every time they drink beer they will remember you and you will feel happy of the fact too.


7. Their Portrait in a Masterpiece form:

This can also be a good idea and can be a great gift. The portrait of the person, you going to gift can be converted into a masterpiece form with the help of photo shop. This portrait can then be framed in a wooden frame to give it a vintage look. The most popular and effective is can be the Mona Lisa or Adam and Eve. This is definitely the unique gift you were looking for.


8. Coffee Mug with Some of the Favourite Picture Collage:

This is one of the beautiful gift you can gift someone. Collage a coffee mug with the best and memorable pictures of you and the other person. This can be a very pleasant gift for the birthday person as the coffee mug will flash the memories of your togetherness and will bring a smile to the face.


9. Personalized Bath robes:

Bath robes can also be a handy gift and it can be an excellent gift if the name of the person is embossed on it. This can be used in a spa or at home after bath. Personalized bath robes can be gifted to both the men and women as it would serve well for both the sex. An elegant white bath robe embossed with the name or initial can be really a nice gift to gift on a birthday.


10. Heart Shaped Puzzled Picture:

The heart shaped puzzled picture can be one of the unique gift you can gift some one. The picture can be presented within a frame and will make a great gift. Put the best picture of the person you wand to gift and puzzle it into a heart shape. This can be presented in two ways. One is gifting the complete picture in a frame with joined puzzle or the second option could be the picture with two or three broken puzzle towards the end.


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