Top 10 Musical Artists of 2010

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As much as the year 2010 brought sadness around with the earthquake in Haiti, it brought pride, culture and paradigm into the world of music. Artists from around the world came together to raise funds for Haiti by producing a concert. It really showed how much passion each artist has for what they sing and sometimes write. One cannot help but hear the beat of each artist’s music wherever they are and wherever they go. The effect is infinite and the world would not be the same without the following top 10 musical artists of 2010.


1. Black Eyed Peas

From I Gotta Feeling to Meet me Halfway to the Time, Black Eyed Peas defined 2010 on the top 10 charts. Black Eyed Peas revolutionized fan favourite songs such as “The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. One cannot help but picture and imagine Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing in the movie, while listening to the new version of the song by Black Eyed Peas. This song was a great tribute to Patrick Swayze and an excellent way to give rebirth to 1980s and those who loved that era, while still attracting newer fans.


2. Justin Timberlake

One cannot forget the tear jerking performance Timberlake performed at the Hope for Haiti charity concert. The sound of Timberlake playing the piano resonated in viewers’ ears. As you were hearing “Hallelujah” you could not help but feel the pain for Haiti and wanted to help. His message was clear and you could see the passion in Timberlake’s face as he was singing the song and playing the tune. He continued to put his best music forward with “Carryout” alongside Timberland, which hit Top 10 charts as well. Timberlake is an excellent role-model for all new musical artists beginning their careers.


3. Lady Gaga:

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga overturned the world of music. She altered public opinion as well as worldview on different issues. She publicly addressed various rumours people had with regard to her and her sexuality. She’s partnered with various pop sensations such as Elton John and Beyonce Knowles to make her message resonate. From Poker Face to Bad Romance to Alejandro, Lady Gaga has topped the charts continuously in 2010.


4. Justin Bieber:

Who has not heard of this top teen sensation? He has captured the hearts of almost every teenage girl around the world. Die Hard fans line up on the streets trying to get tickets to see Bieber, the person who they look up to and adore. His personality and charm has constantly caused his songs to hit the Top 10 around the world. Furthermore, his ability to pair up with artists such as Ludacris made him who he is today.


5. Usher:

One cannot help but associate Usher with the song “OMG”. The term uses a vulgar term almost every person in the anglophone world uses to describe the feeling many men have when it comes to a woman. His songs continuously connect with everyday individuals, making him more popular and easy to relate to; especially with “There goes my Baby” and “OMG”.


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