Top 10 Pizza Flavours

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Pizza is one of the most loved and preferred fast food item in the world. Pizza is basically an Italian dish which is made of flour with various toppings. The main ingredient of any pizza is cheese. It is the most consumed food item after the burgers across the world. Pizza is definitely a tongue smacking food and a perfect food to celebrate any occasion. There are many health adverse of eating too much of pizzas but still this is one of the highest selling food item. There are numerous flavours of a pizza and every country has their own specialized flavours. Pizza flavours can be vegetarian as well as non – vegetarian. Here are the top ten flavours of Pizza, which are most loved and preferred worldwide:


1. Double Cheese Pizza

This is a very popular veg. pizza which has a double thick layer of cheese. The double cheese pizza is very popular because of the lovers of cheese in this world are many. It is indeed one of the best and tasty pizzas among the vegetarian flavours. These are plain pizzas loaded with oodles of extra cheese which makes it delicious and most lip smacking.


2. Gourmet

This is a unique flavour of vegetarian pizza where the pizza where the spicy vegetarian delight is topped with extremely appealing golden corns, loaded with extra cheese. This pizza is a unique flavour because of the additional toppings like the spread of black olives and the jalapenos. This is an amazing vegetarian recipe which is a delight to have. The Gourmet pizza is a popular flavour and is indeed one of the best.


3. Mexican Green Wave

This is another unique recipe of American pizza which mane is influenced by the Mexican Waves. Mexican Green Wave Pizza is loaded with crunchy onions, crispy capsicum, juicy tomato and jalapeno. This is a spicy flavour which is topped my liberal sprinkling of the exotic Mexican herbs. This is a very popular pizza among the veggies and is a common flavour among those who loves spice pizzas.


4. Peppy Paneer

Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Asian Cuisine. It is an Indian Origin food item which is a delicious piece of cheese cube made of pure milk. This is a very popular recipe in India as the vegetarian people loves Paneer a lot. The Paneer used in this pizza are barbequed and then few pieces of Paneer is sprinkled over the pizza along with crispy capsicum slices and spicy red pepper. Its yummy taste and is really very appetizing. the Peppy Paneer pizza forms the spicy menu among the vegetarian list of pizzas.


5. Margherita Pizza

Pizza Margherita is a very common and a popular menu in the Asian countries. These pizzas are delicious and are made with single topping of Cheese. The Margherita Pizzas are medium spicy and are actually very pleasant to taste. The pizzas are preferred by the customers who like a simple pizza topping. These Pizzas has no extra toppings and are plain cheese pizzas.


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