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Consumer electronic and digital products have traversed a long way to reach what they are now. Electronic goods are really witnessing a rapid sea change with great modifications and technological variability. The functionalities of such product line have indeed modified the total digital experiences of the consumers. Globally big brands are innovating new ideas to produce effective versions of the mobile telephony. One must be surprised to note that such mobile telephony has advanced rapidly and is an ever changing domain. Consumers now have wide options while choosing the right product as every product line features great functionalities to ease out the experiences. Tablets PCs are really the latest trend which has grown from past research initiatives gradually.

The top 10 Tablet PC are the following based on global survey parameters.


1. HP Multitouch Tablet variant

This Tablet Pc runs effectively on Windows 7 with great multitouch features. An advanced accelerometer also is associated with it to have a vibrant grasp for the consumer. This aids in rotational vibrancy of the product which can have orientation according to user usages. The product is priced at $500.


2. Lenovo Idea pad

This is really an innovative product weighing only as 3.7 pounds. It runs effectively on windows 7 with solid drive of 128 kb.Its basically a stand alone variant with touch screen and rotational features. Its worth mentioning that this product comes with a 16 GB memory and basically accounts for a Linux variant.


3. Sony Dash Mobile Internet platform

Its functionalities are wide with advanced media file formats and an integrated video player. It can be effectively used as a movie player. It however doesn’t run well on OS and can be utilized as a table top reader or web browser domain.


4. Archos 7 8GB Tablet

This is surely to ignite your soul being a robust product with great features. Like any other Tablets available in the market, this product line has a fatty finish with an attractive layout. It is surely to catapult the instincts of the potential buyer with its adaptive features. It is easily available with its retail price hovering around $200 with a competitive edge over other performance gears.


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

It’s a spectacular phone calling platform friendly version with specifications of 3.3 mp camera and a notable 380 g platform functionality. It has surely kept its promises regarding taking on a competitive edge over Ipad.But the only drawback lies in the fact that it is highly priced which is with sim free functionality.


6. View sonic View Pad 7

Its features include rear camera gears of 3 mp functionality with 512 mb space of RAM and other notable function variables. It is though not built on a View sonic variant but can take up multiple titles. It’s basically a Chinese product of OEM variability with great supporting performances. It’s worthwhile to note that its not correct to judge this particular device on the basis of Chinese hierarchy .It is highly on responsive platform with great usability features and comfort parameters. The main problem lies with the fact that it is priced little high at $400 rather than a perfect price level of $200.


7. Advent Vega

Android 2.2 variant with camera of rear facing functionality, this device is always ready to shoot up your performance parameters. It also carries a LCD which is capacitive .For those people whose budgets are tight, this device is really a rewarding variant priced at a competitive range. Its quite high on response rate working on Android without any hassle in any ways. It should also be noted that without 3G functionality there lies little hope with Android functionality. It should also be noted that there lies no hassle of a home button variant and the integrated tools are quite handy.


8. ExoPC Slate

Though Android rules this particular world, we must not ignore the Windows platform. Though much cannot be assessed by the touch functionality of the operating system but there is hardware too to match it. Intel Atom of variant N450 with 1.66GHz CPU as well as a striking feature of 2GB RAM gives it a competitive edge over others. So if you are looking for Windows integration, this tablet is your best available bet.


9. BlackBerry Playbook

It is really different from others in the respect that it has integration of both rear and front facing camera functionalities. A polished variant which is both sleek as well as sexy in its performances. It is quite impressive too in its functional parameters.


10. LG Optimus Pad

Android variant of 3.0, with 1GHz of Tegra as well as 2 CPU, it is surely to catapult the user experiences. It is also incorporated with 1GB RAM and high performance 32GB storage.


Though there are other great tablets but based on functionalities and user interface few can challenge its potentiality.


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