Top 10 Universities To Do Phd In The USA

United States has always been the home to some of the world’s greatest universities. It is the home of the Harvard and the MIT. The universities in the United States provide the top level of education and are the hot favourites for many international students. The quality of training the universities there, provides, is unmatchable. However, it is very difficult for getting in to such universities and more when you are looking for a PhD seat. PhD in United States is considered to be the best across the world and the students who successfully complete the PhD program from United States makes statement for their own. The process of getting through is very difficult but choosing the right Institute is very important. Here are the top ten best Universities in the USA for a PhD program:


1. Harvard Business School, Massachusetts

Harvard Business School is a graduate business school of Harvard University, Massachusetts. It is recognized as the best business school in the world and PhD programs of Harvard are the best in the world too. The doctoral programs of Harvard are directed towards developing outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching at leading business schools and universities. The Harvard Business School provides doctorate programs in almost all the business fields and is the number one business school in the world for more than a decade.


2. University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is one of the greatest research universities in the world. University of Pennsylvania is considered as the first university in America. The University of Pennsylvania provides the top class research facilities and is the most desired destination in the world for PhD courses. A brilliant infrastructure spread across 269 acres of land is just a heavenly place to study in.


3. Princeton University, New Jersey

Princeton University is also a private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. There are also residential colleges within the Princeton University which provides a brilliant environment to study. Princeton University doctoral program encourages independent scholarships and fellowships. It is one of the topmost universities in the world for undertaking research studies and doctoral education.


4. Columbia University, NY

The Columbia University is situated in Manhattan, New York. This is one of the oldest universities in United States. In fact Columbia University is the 5th oldest University in the States. Columbia University is one of the most popular destinations for doctoral program in the United States and across the world. The Columbia University provides the world class teaching assistance to its students and the researchers. The professors in the Columbia University include as many as 9 noble laureates, which say it all about the quality of training they provide.


5. Yale University, Connecticut

Yale University is a private university located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was founded in the year 1701 and it is the third oldest colleges in the United States. There are 131courses in total on which the Yale University offers doctoral programs. The Yale University is the most reputed universities with respect to the research programs. It is among the top 3 colleges in the world in student selectivity ground. Yale University is indeed one of the top colleges to do a PhD from.


6. University of Chicago, Chicago

The University of Chicago or just UChicago is a private research university in Chicago, United States. It was founded by the American Baptist Education Society and was founded in the year 1890. The University of Chicago consists of the College of the University of Chicago and various other graduate programs. A total of 15000 students enrol into the various courses in the university. It is indeed a massive university and a very good one too for the PhD studies.


7. Northwestern University, Chicago

Northwestern University was founded in the year 1851 in the state of Chicago, USA. Northwestern University combines the innovation in the teaching and research to perfection in delivery which makes this university to be among the top ten universities in the world for PhD. Northwestern University offers a comprehensive PhD courses and back the curriculum with exceptional professors. The University has three campuses with 10 schools and colleges under it. A total of 16,475 students were enrolled in the 2011 batch. This shows the popularity of this University and the Northwestern University is definitely one of the top Universities of the world for a doctoral program.


8. Stanford University, California

Stanford University is probably the most popular university among the students. It is a private research university with a strong focus on scientific, technological and social science research. The standards at the Stanford are the best in the world and the research centres at the Stanford is among the best in the world. Stanford University not only pays importance to the academic aspect but they do a lot in every other co-curricular activity. It is an all round development at the Stanford University and this is probably one of the reason for its popularity. Stanford University gives high quality PhD education and is definitely among the best in the world.


9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the MIT is the biggest and probably the most prolific names in the technology world. It produces the best of the best graduates every year to mark the world with brilliance. MIT is the house of the best developments and innovations ever. Technological inventions and discoveries are the trade mark of MIT. The MIT doctorate programs are yet to reach the top slot, but nevertheless MIT is certainly the best in the world and every students dream.


10. Duke University, North Carolina

The Duke University was founded in 1924 by James Buchanan Duke. Duke University has ten schools and colleges all together affiliated to them. Among the different schools and colleges the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences is the most popular across the world. The Duke University is a world class university and it rightly deserves to be in the top 10 best universities for PhD programs.


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