Top 10 Ways Of Increasing Your Computer Speed

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Typing Speed is one of the important element which counts along with the other qualifications in a person. Computer typing speed has a lot to do with getting a job as well. There are many times that a minimum typing speed is set for a candidate to get through a particular job selection process. Therefore, it is highly important to get a decent typing speed. But the main problem that arises is how to develop a better typing speed? Can you do it at home? Yes, you can increase your typing speed with simple techniques even at your home. Here is a list of top ten ways to increase your typing speed:


1. Taking Notes in Class

This is one of the easiest ways to increase your typing speed. In your class when the teacher or the professor discuss any topic, rather than writing on a notebook the points, try to type all the important point in a note pad. This will help you to gain a better speed within a span of few months. generally the professor is suppose to teach at a regular speed and if you can manage to type down everything correctly in his/her class, you will easily improve your typing speed.


2. Practice typing Assignments, Not Copying and Pasting them

Another common way of improving the typing speed is to practice typing assignments. Most of the time what happens is that a student when given an assignment, he or she tries to copy from some source and paste it on a new word doc. This is actually giving you no scope of typing. Therefore whenever an assignment is given try your best to type the assignments and this in turn will make you efficient in typing on the key board. As a result you will develop a good typing speed.


3. Learn the sequence of the Keys

This is one of the most general yet undone methods of increasing the typing speed. Typing speed will always depend on your knowledge of where the keys are positioned in the keyboard. Keyboard in all the notepads, laptops even desktops are the same. The arrangement of the alphabet keys are always the same. Therefore if you try to practice every day to memorize the sequence of a QWERTY key pad, you will be able to figure out where actually all keys are positioned. This will lead you to a higher typing speed just because you won’t be any more searching the keys you want to type.


4. Internet Chatting

This is probably the most followed and used method, but indeed with a different intention. Internet chatting in messengers is one of the most common things among the youths. They do it because they love the concept of chatting. It helps them to talk all sorts of things to their distant friends and make them happy. In the process of chatting, actually all are getting familiar to the typing and the keys. This in turn is increasing the typing speed by far. And this is probably the most common and the easiest way to increase your typing speed. So, if you are still not used to chatting on messengers, start it because it not only gives you to share things with your friends but also allows you to increase your typing speed.


5. Type master Software

Another way of increasing the typing speed is to practice typing at the dedicated software, “Type master”. This software helps you to practice typing and limits your time for particular task. It is a very useful tool to get your typing speed boosted. The software is very simple to install and is easy to use. It will help you to perform specific typing task and also binds you by time limit. This can be a very good way of increasing the typing speed.


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