Top 10 Ways Of Increasing Your Computer Speed

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6. Placement

The placement of the hands is very important while learning to type. It is very important that the fingers are properly placed on the right keys. Use both your hands for typing. You can check visual tutorials as well for understanding placement of your fingers on the appropriate keys easily. Use the thumb for Space Bar. It is better to memorize the location of the keys. If the placements of the fingers are correct, typing becomes more easy and simple.


7. Avoid Seeing

This is the most important way of learning how to type fast. You should not see the keyboard while you type. You should have military level of discipline. Look at the screen or the source paper. After you are familiar with the finger placements you can try this. Typing without looking into the keyboard makes it really fast. And is also a good habit to increase the confidence.


8. Don’t bother about the typos

This is another important thing you must remember while typing. If you are too much focused on the typos, you are sure to get delayed in typing. It is very important to focus on the typing rather than the spellings. It will come gradually but the writing speed has to be perfect. If u keep worrying about the errors the speed will decrease and you will have to be a slow typist.


9. Blogging

Blogging is another good way to improve your typing speed. Writing blogs will ensure that you will have to type at least once every day and the habit of blogging will make you a fast typist. This is obvious that if you have a habit of typing every day you will improve your typing speed so blogging is a very good idea to increase the typing speed.


10. Practice

This is the obvious and the most useful way of increasing your typing speed. Practice makes a man perfect and rightly so. The more you practice typing, the faster you would get. This is the simple mantra for almost everything and it holds good in typing as well. Therefore, to achieve a higher speed you have to practice a lot each day every day.


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