Top 10 Two Wheelers for Oldies

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The major problem with a senior citizen is getting around places and getting their work done by themselves. Osteoporosis and arthritis are the two most common diseases prevalent in old people. Two wheelers are generally made in a comfortable design and are easy maintenance. Therefore they can be convenient modes of communication for the elderly.

Following are the top 10 two wheelers for oldies.


1. Kinetic 4S

This scooter has been manufactured by Kinetic Engineering Limited, India. The scooter has 113.5 cc, 4-stroke engine and gives a mileage of 55 kmpl. It is a good choice for oldies as low center of gravity provides good balance and it has proper support to provide to the rider because of the sturdy metal body. A very beneficial aspect of the scooter for senior citizens is that it has a push button start and a transmission which is completely gear less. The two special features are dual mode ignition timing and better speedo – graphics.


2. Vespa GTS 250ie

Vespa is the brand name used by Piaggio to manufacture scooters. Granturismo Sport is what GTS stands for and the electronic fuel injection and displacement is 250ie. This model is a redesigned better model of the Vespa GT200. It uses a ‘Quasar’ engine. The displacement is of 244 cc and it gives a top speed of 118 km/h. The all new digital gauges can be very helpful for the senior citizens who drive it.


3. Honda Activa

One of the leading ungeared scooters in the market Activa has a 109 cc engine. It has a choice between a kick start and a self start and thus can suit the need of the rider. It has a very low height and so can be very convenient for elderly people. It is one of best looking and one of the sturdiest scooters on the road.


4. Honda Eterno

This scooter has a turning radius of 1800 mm so it is very beneficial for old people as it can be driven in any street or narrow lane with ease. Eterno has a 150cc and 4 stroke engine. It also has a very spacious board for keeping feet. It has a very easy gear handling.


5. TVS Wego

This unisex scooter is suitable for elderly people for many reasons, firstly, it is gearless; secondly, it has a body balance technology which is a unique feature and also makes it suitable for heavy city traffic; thirdly, it has gas filled rear shock absorbers and finally it has a battery which is completely maintenance free along with many other features. It has an 110cc and 4 stroke cylindrical engine.


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