Top 10 Flavours of Potato Chips

Potato chips are thin slices of potato that are deep fried. Potato chips are commonly served as an appetizer, side dish, or snack. The basic chips are cooked and salted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavourings and ingredients including seasonings, herbs, spices, cheeses, and artificial additives. Potato chips are one of the most widely consumed snacks all over the world. Fried or baked potato chips are the highest selling chips across the globe. Lays are one of the largest selling potato chips brand in the world. Potato chips are available in various flavours and tastes. They are mostly categorized as regional flavours and are different in different parts of the world. Few of the most popular or unique flavours of the Potato Chips are listed by us as follows.


1. Sour Cream & Onion:

Sour Cream and Onion is an American taste and is now a days marketed in all part of the world in different brands. This flavour uses sour cream which is a dairy product rich in fats obtained by fermenting a regular cream by certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria, along with onion paste and this makes the potato chips a very tasty flavour. This is also one of the most popular flavours across the world.


2. Dill Pickle Potato Chips:

The Dill Pickle Potato Chips are prepared with a special flavour of Dill Pickle which is a pickled cucumber commonly known as a pickle, is a cucumber that has been pickled in a brine, vinegar, or other solution and left to ferment for a period of time, by either immersing the cucumbers in an acidic solution or through souring by lacto-fermentation. These sets of chips are very popular in Canada and even America. The Dill Pickle Potato chips are indeed a very good flavour for your taste buds.


3. Mushroom Potato Chips:

Another popular flavour of chips is the Mushroom Chips. Mushroom is pasted and den mixed with cream to give a unique flavour. The creamy mushroom flavour is one of the best flavours found all over the world for potato chips. Most popular in England, Mushroom flavoured chips are among the best.


4. Mayonnaise Chips:

Mayonnaise, abbreviated as mayo, is a stable emulsion of oil, egg yolk and either vinegar or lemon juice, with many options for embellishment with other herbs and spices. Lecithin in the egg yolk is the emulsifier. It is often cream in colour, and may range in texture from that of light running cream to thick. The mayonnaise individually is a widely used flavour in sandwiches and other different foods. The blend of mayonnaise with potato chips is a unique combination and is one of the popular flavours.


5. Tomato Flavoured Potato Chips:

The tomato is another most widely used ingredient for flavouring a potato chip. The tomato flavour is found all over the world and is consumed heavily among all the flavours. The tomato flavour chips are actually made of tomato ketchup and is bit sour to taste. It’s an amazing flavour and is mostly liked by the children across the world.


6. The Bell Pepper Potato Chips:

Bell pepper or sweet pepper is a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum (chilli pepper). Cultivars of the plant produce fruits in different colours, including red, yellow and orange. Bell peppers are sometimes grouped with less pungent pepper varieties as “sweet peppers”. Peppers are native to Mexico, Central America and northern South America. But still, the Bell Pepper flavour of potato chips is very popular in Germany and Western Europe. It’s a hot and sweet flavour and is indeed one of the popular flavours of potato chips.


7. Classic Salted Potato Chips:

The classic salted potato chips are the traditionally launched flavour in many countries. This is probably the first and the non customized flavour of the potato chips. The classic salted is very popular among the children and also the oldies. This flavour of potato chips is a simple recipe with just salt added to them. the potatoes are first cut into thin slices as required and then salt is added to them and left to dry for almost 6 hours. After the potatoes are completely dried, they are then fried in dipped oil and thus the crispy and simple chips are ready to serve.


8. Hot and Sour Potato Chips:

Hot and Sour is a very popular flavour in the Asian Continent. It is a flavour primarily meant for the soups but is a very popular potato chips recipe. The hot and sour potato chips are bit spicy to eat but makes a great taste. It is typically made hot (spicy) by red peppers or white pepper, and sour by vinegar. The vinegar content makes it sour and you would not default in blinking your eyes while having these chips. This flavour is indeed one of the best in all flavours.


9. Mint Mischief Potato Chips:

The mint mischief flavour is based on natural Menthol, Spearmint, Peppermint and other oils extracted from the Mentha family. It is a refreshing flavour which will bring delight to your heart. Potato chips are sprinkled with mint oils and dried mint leaves. This makes the potato chips refreshing. It’s a popular flavour in the sub continent and is definitely a very good and tongue smacking flavour.


10. Lemon Hint Potato Chips:

This is another flavour of potato chips. This is basically a fun flavour which is bit sour and is generally liked by kids. It’s a nice and refreshing flavour where the potato chips are sprinkled with lemon juice. This flavour of the potato chips is definitely a good one.


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