Top 10 Fun Activities That We Did Not Know Burn A Lot Of Calories

Burning calories is the key to any weight loss plan. You’re body is burning calories with every breath you take; however increasing the number of calories you burn is the goal to weight loss. Many people wonder what activities they should be doing to burn more calories. One of the things which people find hard about losing weight is coming up with physical activities which they can do in order to burn off some fat fast. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym to lift weights or getting on a cardio machine. Why can’t we find some fun activities which gives us a boost in energy and also burns our calories? A fun activity is that activity which gives us pleasure and satisfaction. These activities are normally done to relax the nerves and if they burns our calories as well it can’t get betted than this. Here is a list of the top ten fun activities which you never known, burns calories.


1. Ice- Skating:

A lot of us enjoyed ice skating as kids but we tend to leave that hobby behind when we grow up. This is a shame for 2 reasons: first, it is still fun to do and so there’s no reason to stop. Second, it is an excellent activity to develop balance, coordination, and burn off some calories fast. Ice skating is a fast gaming activity which keeps most of our body at a pace. This activity keeps you on the go and thus burns calories.


2. Dancing:

Dancing is a very common activity which is persuaded by many people as their career. However, dancing is real fun and dancing helps you to keep your body in shape. There’s no better way to have fun with your partner than to go out dancing. And it’s an excellent way to get your heartbeat up and running and shed those pounds. If you’re self-conscious about dancing, take some lessons or even learn at home. By the way, some people just crank up the volume on their own stereo systems and dance at home which is something that can make you feel relaxed and happy.


3. Cycling:

Cycling is indeed the best form of exercise. Cycling helps you keep fit and in the same time give you an adventurous feel. Taking your bike for a trip is a fun way to exercise. A lot of people are substituting their cars for their bikes when they head off to work. It is great because they save on gas and increase their caloric expenditure at the same time. It’s also something you can do outdoors, in nature, and with friends and family.


4. Swimming:

Swimming is an extremely powerful way of burning calories. You can burn the highest amount of calories by swimming. It is definitely a fun activity which gives extreme pleasure. Go out in the evenings to the nearest swimming pools with friends and have fun. This will be a play time for you as you can enjoy the company of your friends in the water. On the other hand it will reflex your muscles and burn your calories.


5. Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing is a very adventurous sport and it is a lot of fun. Go to the nearest hill side with your friends in the morning and it will be real fun. Just get into some of the less steep rocks and climb the small hills. This burns a lot of calories and gives you a sense of ultra freshness. The rock climbing is an important adventure sport which mainly stress tour body and burns all those extra calories and fats.


6. Playing with your Dog:

Playing with your dog in the evenings is one of the most fun filled activities which are based on home. Everyone loves to play with a dog, especially children. So, go out in the lawn and let your dog free. Run behind the dog, play Frisbee etc. This will give you a strong sense of excitement and as a result of it you would be burning a lot of calories. This is a lovely activity with great benefits.


7. Gardening:

Gardening is a very interesting activity. it is mostly taken as a hobby by many people. Gardening is real fun when you do it with family. It is a very useful way of passing leisure time. In the evenings go out to your garden and try to water it, dig the soil, and plant a few seeds. All this and more will keep you happy and most importantly will help you in burning calories. This is a nice form of exercise and will certainly keep your body and mind fit.


8. Jumping Rope:

Jumping Rope is one more fun activity which helps in burning calories. You can take a skipping rope and keep hopping. This will give you real stress and make you burn calories. To make it more interesting you can play a game and see who does how many unstopped jumps. This will also drive you with more energy to do longer. It’s a brilliant form of exercise and an activity, which involves lots of fun and burns lot of calories.


9. Bowling:

Bowling as you all know is a very interesting sport. Bowling is a sport in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface, usually a wooden or synthetic surface, either into pins or to get close to a target ball. This is a fun filled activity which you can perform with your friends and family. This activity burns a lot of calories and keeps you fit and fine.


10. Table Tennis:

TT is one of the best indoor sports. It’s a great fun playing TT. You can set up a TT board in your hall and start playing with your kids or spouse or friends. This is a great energy stimulator which will give you fun, pleasure, excitement and in the same time burn your calories.


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