Top 10 Ways of Saving Energy at Home

Saving Energy is the need of the hour for all men women and children all over the world. There is a scarcity of natural resources and the ways of energy generation will get a set back if the issue is not addressed. Saving Power at home is the least we can do, but it will in the bigger picture save the energy consumption of the world by a huge figure. If every one of us do our bit, the earth will be definitely left with energy for our next generation to see and feel. Here is a list of ten ways of saving energy while at home:


1. Use CFL lights

A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also known as a compact fluorescent light or energy saving light, is a type of fluorescent lamp. Many CFLs are designed to replace an incandescent lamp and can fit into most existing light fixtures formerly used for incandescent. Compared to general service incandescent lamps giving the same amount of visible light, CFLs use less power and have a longer rated life. These properties of a CFL bulb make it the most efficient light source. Use the CFL bulbs and save power and energy.


2. Switch off the lights of the rooms you are not using

Many a times we tend to burn all the lights of the house and keep it lightened even when we are not using the room. This is an inefficient use of power and we can save a lot of energy by not doing so. Whenever you are not in a room, make sure that you are switching off the light so that you can save the power consumption which you are simply wasting for no reason. This will help you to even cut your electricity bill.


3. Use AC in the sleep mode while you sleep

Sleep Mode in an AC is an amazing boon of technology to mankind. We all know that AC’s consumes a lot of power and energy. This is the reason why we should always use the AC in the sleep mode while we are on our bed. AC’s has a unique property where you can set the sleep mode and when you sleep at night the AC can automatically shifts gears and get into a power saving mode and give you the same comfort as you would like to have. This saves a lot of electricity and also saves a lot in your electricity bills.


4. Charge your Cell phones through USB

This is another small and useful way of saving energy. There are now a day’s a number of cell phones in everyone’s house. If at a given point of time everyone tries to charge their cell phones it will really consume a lot of energy. On the other hand there are computers in almost all the house which also needs to be charged or needs power. Therefore if we club the charging of the cell phones with the computer systems it would save a lot of energy. You can charge the cell phone connecting it with the computer device through an USB chord.


5. Do not unnecessarily switch on the geyser

Electric Geysers are another utility instrument which consumes a lot of energy. This is almost a necessity in everyone’s life and people mostly misuse this device by not appropriately using it. This device should be used efficiently so as to save some energy. Most of you switch on the electric geyser for a longer time, which consumes that additional electricity. Therefore switching off the geyser in the right time you can save a lot of energy consumption.


6. Switch off all the lights when you go out of home

This is one basic and the most common thing anyone of us should follow, but many a times we tend to forget it. Please ensure that all the lights in the house are switched off before you leave the house. it will lead to a saving of electricity and you will also contribute towards the energy saving of the nation. If you go out of your house, before locking the door just check that all the switches are closed. This is a good habit as well as is a necessity. Therefore, do remember to switch off all the lights before leaving the house.


7. Use as much Sunlight as possible

This is an important aspect which most of the people ignore. Sunlight is the natural source of light and therefore it is extremely important for us to know how to utilize it. During the day times you can open your windows so that sunrays light up your house. Many a times we don’t care to open the windows and put our lights on even in a bright sunny day. If we put out our lights and use the natural light we can save a lot of energy.


8. Use Solar Lamp for Studies

This is another useful idea which can help you to save a lot of energy. Most of the time you use normal bulbs for study purpose and this keeps the electricity at a high usage. Therefore, you can use solar lamps during the study hours. You can charge such lamps in the day time and in the night it will provide you with enough of light which will be sufficient enough for you to study. This saves a lot of electricity cost as well.


9. Don’t spoil water at home

Water is the most important aspect of a human life and to conserve water is highly important. Make sure that you don’t leave any tap open while you move out of your home and also ensure that there is no extra wastage of water when at home.


10. Efficient usage of Electric Cooking System

Electric cooking system is in fashion now and the household who are using it are thoroughly enjoying the ease. But, to use the system efficiently is something everyone should ensure. If you use them in proper order and direction you can save a lot in energy consumption and can also save money in your power bill.

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