Top 10 Reasons People Update Facebook Statuses

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6. Bored:

The worst possible reason to update your facebook status is because you are bored. There have been various times where many Facebook users wrote that they wish it was not raining outside or they are too tired. They write small little things and details that purposely try to catch attention. Furthermore, they hope to start a conversation with another person to pass the time. This reason for updating a Facebook status usually shows a bad impression on the person writing it. Facebook users are advised not to do so as it cries for attention in a negative way.


7. Exciting Occurrences:

Many Facebook users utilize their statuses to share good fortune. They wish to celebrate the joy they’ve experienced and to let everyone know. Whether you found a new job or got recently engaged, Facebook status is there to: 1) help you get the proper recognition amongst friends and 2) allow you to be a bit narcissistic. Sometimes you need that attention and would like to scream out what happened to you. This is usually okay as long as you don’t do it repeatedly.


8. Outrageous Occurrences:

There have been times where Facebook users have not agreed with a specific news story or event and have actively voiced their opinions. Whether a fan favourite was voted off survivor or an excellent actor did not win an award he/she deserved, facebook users utilize their statuses to continuously voice their disgust. They create debates that attempt to bring awareness amongst the populace. People no longer have to individually talk on the phone about what happened. Facebook status provides timeless opportunities to share opinions.


9. Favourite Quote:

Facebook users flood their statuses with random quotes they read or heard in the news, on the streets , in a book or in their workplaces. These quotes are meaningful to them and are sometimes used to provide incite about different occurrences that are going on in the world. One Facebook user used Socrates’ quote “The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know” to voice his disagreement. They received popular recognition as they provided room for a discourse amongst their 1000+ friends.


10. You are stuck:

You just got dressed, showered and are ready to party. Your car breaks down and you are not able to drive to the location. You scramble to find a ride by calling all those who are going. The cars are full and no one is able to offer you a ride. You turn to your Facebook status to make it clear to others that you are stuck, in need and need to be helped out of a dire situation.


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