Top 10 Ways To Avoid Talking To Someone

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There are many such situations in life we face where we have to ignore some people who are or were close to us. This situation can be really a torturing one as it is very difficult to pretend a thing. If it is a well established reason which is known to the person as well, makes it easy but when we secretly try to cut off our communication with a person and try to ignore them or avoid talking with them it gets really difficult. This situation is faced by many of us almost many times in life where we don’t like to talk but cannot help so we try to avoid the talks. But, the question is how to avoid? Here is an attempt to list top ten ways how you can avoid talking to someone.


1. Appear to be Texting:


When you get bored or just don’t want to be in a communication, take out your cell phone and pretend to be texting someone. Pretend as if you are completely into it and if possible dig your head into the monitor as if the conversation were the most important thing in your life. If the person begins walking over to you, say out loud, “Oh, my God. This can’t wait any longer”, and begin texting even faster. The person will assume you’re busy, and will leave.


2. Type on a computer:


Another useful way is just start to type vigorously on your computer as if you are typing the most important document of your life. This will make the person assume that you are really busy and might leave. If the person doesn’t leave, just keep mumbling in your mind and put a tensed reaction on your face. This can drive him or her away thinking you are really busy.


3. Pretend to get a call:


This is another way to avoid talking. If you are getting bugged by someone or some talks which you are least interested in just pretend to get a call and walk out. This can be done by using the self call option in your cell phone, where it will practically ring and you can move out. Otherwise also you can use this technique as the cell phones most of the time remains in silent mode and you can easily pretend to get a call. The important thing here is fake a little talk near that person and then move out so that the person believes the situation.


4. Look Frustrated:


This is another way to drive people away from you when you don’t want them to talk with you. This can be done by pretending to be frustrated and showing and reflecting impatience in your behaviour. You can show your frustration by beating the desk or just simply shouting on yourself. Jus project that you are really disturbed and the person will surely move away.


5. Tell lie that you have a Meeting:

In a meeting

Another most common way of avoiding a talk is pretending to be set to leave for a meeting. This is a very useful trick as it is always helpful. Just say that you have a meeting with a doctor or an old friend or someone. You can escape the person by telling this and moving out. Just be in a hurry and rush out saying cunning sorry. Make sure you plan it well and don’t let the person feel that you are pretending.


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