Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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On mother’s day, people usually know what to buy a woman. Women love jewelry, expensive clothing and accessories and flowers. Many women would also not mind a nice dinner out at a restaurant. Many men do not have such clear preferences. You need to really know the person in order to buy him a gift he will love. As such, this article will examine the top 10 presents your dad would love to receive on Fathers Day.


1. “World’s Greatest Dad” T-Shirt

If your dad is similar to the Mendelbaums or Morty Seinfeld on the TV show Seinfeld, this gift will be perfect for him. This gift truly reflects your affection and love for your father. It also represents quality and not quantity for those who are strapped for cash. It is always the thought that matters. Your dad can always wear this to show others how much he is loved.


2. Custom Art Print Screen:

Choose any picture of you and your dad that you treasure. Using the picture you have chosen, you can customize a phone skin for Blackberries and Ipods. Everywhere your dad will go, he will be bound to remember you and your love for him. Furthermore, he will be happy not to cause any cosmetic damages to his phone. The skins prevent any bumps and scratches to all phones.


3. Shaving Kit:

If you live in Canada and love to shop at Harry Rosen, you will be happy to learn that Harry Rosen provides state of the art shaving kits. Their razors are equipped with batteries, which allow your dad to have a smoother and more appealing looking. With the razor comes different creams and moisturizers, which your dad can use. If you are willing to spend over $100 on your gift, you don’t have to look any further.


4. Tie:

Those who have dads who go to work in business style clothing, a tie is a perfect gift as well. Many dads have different ties and prefer a specific tie style. You could also buy a plain tie and use businesses that do clothing art to personalize your gift. Your dad will sure love this present if he is a tie lover.


5. Day off:

Many dads have various chores they need to complete in the house. From vacuuming to mowing the lawn to fixing wears and tears in the house, the dad has a busy workload. On Father’s Day, you can relieve him of his duties and allow him to relax more. If you are old enough, you can do the various chores he completes daily. A day off relaxing is one present your dad would not want to miss.


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