Top 10 Practical Jokes

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6. “Thank You Note”

This is another prank which can be played in a multiple way. All you have to do is write a text message or drop a note to someone saying “thank you”. This will confuse the person who reads it and then just plan some thing for which you are thanking which actually the person won’t know. If your victim gets drunk often or has a short attention span, leave a thank you note saying something like “I had a great time last night” or “Call me soon again”. Your victim should wake up the next morning confused and nervous.


7. “Enter & Exit”

Swap the “enter” and “exit” signs of a store and watch how many people follow the signs and look foolish went going the wrong way. It may be a good idea to get the permission of whichever stores’ manager so you do not get in trouble with the law, unless this is not a public prank.


8. “Drive Through”

What to do is place a fairly large order at a drive through, then pull out of the drive and watch the person behind you receive all kinds of food they did not order. In this case all you need to do is jus make a small arrangement with the store keeper. It will be real fun to see the other customer panic.


9. “Remote Control”

This is another common prank but always works. Buy or get a universal remote control from your friend for a day and keep it with you . At night when your mummy or sister is busy with their daily soaps or something they are watching with full concentration jus change the channel from the other room. Keep doing it after definite interval and you will see how they react. It will be a scene worth watching.


10. “Kick Me”

This is probably the oldest of the tricks and is still effective. Jus paste carefully a note saying “Kick Me” behind your target and let him move out. Just watch the fun when some people really kick him. To make it more interesting you can add some reason on the note.


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