Top 10 Ancient Civilizations

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It is always interesting to find about our history. In the past there have been many civilizations that were constructed, that thrived well and later were destructed into ruins. Learning about these civilizations gives us an insight into their way of living, their culture, their architecture, their art and their technological inventions. These civilizations have been mysteries, clues to which are found in the form of ruins throughout the world. They have risen to glory and fallen. It is fascinating to discover these ruins and to learn about their glorious pasts. Given below are the top 10 ancient civilizations along with the mysteries that surround them.

1. Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon

Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon

This is regarding many artifacts found in the Grand Canyon which was publicized by the Arizona Gazette in 1909. The truth behind this story is yet to be established, moreover since the site of the excavation was never found again. However some experts did give the article a certain amount of credibility because of the mention of the Smithsonian Institution which had financed the expedition.


2. Location of Atlantis


A very famous island is the Atlantis. It was described by Plato but its location was not mentioned clearly. There is a lot of confusion regarding its exact location. For many the island does not exist at all and others who thought it existed have searched for clues, but to no purpose. There are many places considered as locations of Atlantis like the Bermuda, Antarctica, Mexico, etc. These theories will continue till actual evidences are found.


3. Voyages to Americas

Voyages to Americas

Everyone knows that Colombus discovered America. However the truth is that there have been people visiting this island even before Colombus. Evidence shows that the island had been inhabitated by the natives and has been explored by explorers, much before Colombus set his foot on the American soil. Artifacts, pottery, coins and statues have been found that prove the above mentioned facts. Egyptians, Asians, Hebrews, all have explored the American soil at some time or the other.


4. Mu or Lemuria

Mu or Lemuria

This place is a legend. Better known as the lost world, it was considered located in the Pacific Ocean. It was considered to be a beautiful island almost equal to paradise. It is rumored that the island along with its people sank in the ocean some thousands of years ago. Of course, it is still being debated whether such an island did exist at all.


5. Sunken City off Cuba

Sunken City off Cuba

In the year 2001, ruins were discovered below the ocean waters off Cuba. The ruins were placed in proper patterns which were too good for nature to have placed them. There has been a good deal of investigations happening to find out what are the ruins all about. Is it really a sunken city? Only timely evidence can prove that.


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