Top 10 TV Bad Boys

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Who does not love drama, suspense, murder, fraud and scheming on television? As much as everybody loves heroes, they also learn to ‘hate’ their villains and bad boys. These bad boys and girls set the stage for a great series and episodes for viewers to watch. Every good boy and girl has a dark side, especially on television. Viewers know that to watch out for trouble in paradise for a couple who has excellent morals. No one would ever want to watch a show about nice people. As such, here are the top 10 TV bad boys that defined and continue to define television history.


1. Charlie Harper:

Who can forget this loveable character on Two and a Half Men? Sadly Charlie Sheen is no longer with the show. Viewers love watching Charlie Harper as he cheats with his brother’s girlfriend to have revenge sex, he often is seen bullying his nephew who he claims is not smart and makes nasty comments which belittle his brother. All in all Charlie Sheen has brought humour to the show and his jokes are what made Two and a Half Men what it is today.


2. Liam Court:

Thief, rebellious and tempered are just three words to describe this character on the primetime TV show 90210. Viewers still love him as he was able to team up with many hot characters on the TV show such as Naomi Clark. Although his charm and good looks make him less susceptible, he is one of those guys you need to look out for with 2 eyes open. He stole collection coins from his step father for his biological father and beat up an individual who was causing violence. When first seen on screen he was an underage working as a bartender and skipping school.


3. Dexter:

Although Dexter is a forensic expert and blood spatter, he lives a double life as a serial killer. He preys on other murderers who have fled the justice system. He only kills murderers if he has ample evidence to support their crimes. Although Dexter is a likeable character for his role in bringing justice, he is another TV bad boy for his serial killer and sociopathic ideas. The TV show is all about him and is popular for 6 seasons so far.


4. Russell Hantz:

Hantz lied and schemed in the game of Survivor not once, not twice but 3 times. He was able to play every single Survivor on Survivor Samoa and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains without getting caught. It was only when he got to the jury that no one wanted to vote for him. He swore on his kids life and lied, disposed of camp material to hurt others and broke alliances and friendships he did not intend to keep. He is a multimillionaire and came into Survivor to prove that it is easy to win. As he did not win 3 times, he did not prove his point.


5. Rob Mariano:

Rob Mariano used his charm and good looks to sway people in the game of Survivor not once, not twice, not three times but four times. He backstabbed, lied and outsmarted others who thought he had their best interests at heart. Rob Mariano always had one thing in mind and that was winning. To this day I cannot understand why people did not vote him off on Survivor: Redemption Island. I guess he was the villain everyone learned to trust until he threw them into the fire, literally.


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