Top 10 Crazy Things People Do In An Elevator

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An elevator ride serves as a transition point for some using it every day. There are various important tasks that could be completed before entering a room or office. If bored or worried, elevator users also complete quiet and relaxing activities to pass the time. Others do annoying things which irritate others around them. Here are the top 10 things people do while in an elevator. So here is the list of Top 10 crazy things people do in an elevator.


1. Groom Yourself:

If people are going for a meeting or an interview, it is important that they look professional and clean. Most elevators have mirrors inside. People take the time to look at themselves in the mirror and make sure their shirt is tucked in, tie is done up properly and their hair is not a mess. One last look never kills.


2. Listen to Music:

Elevators could use up a bit of time as riders get on and off at different levels. If an individual is bored, he/she puts on your mp3 player or ipod and listens to music in silence until it is his/her turn to get off. It should be a quiet activity that does not disturb others with music booming beyond the headphones.


3. Read:

When an individual is in an elevator, they have time to update themselves on the latest news in the newspaper. They can also read over files and texts before they enter the office. Becoming literate and immersed in various literatures is one productive thing an individual can do. It is always a better alternative to listening to music.


4. Make weird noises:

If bored and having nothing better to do, people make weird noises. They whistle as the elevator moves up each floor, make race car noises when others exit and hum when wanting to gain attention.


5. Smoke:

Although it is forbidden, many individuals fail to abide by the signs. They would smoke inside the elevator and many annoy others who have to smell and inhale the smoke that causes lung and oral cancers. This is portrayed quite well in the media especially in the episode when Vivian Banks gives birth on Fresh Prince of Belair.


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