Top 10 Things People Carry Around

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Have you ever wondered what people carry around with them? If ever asked, many would simply respond with the following items wallet, keys and driver’s license. Even though they are correct, you’d be still surprised how many individuals carry with them non-essential and non-urgent items in their purses, pockets or bags. From health and social insurance cards to hand sanitizers to even a stress ball, people are known to carry things they do not really need throughout the day. Surveying 100 people, here are the top 10 items many individuals carry with them, essential and non-essential. Raise your hand if you recognize one or two.


1. Keys

Whether it is to your house, to your car or to your office, keys are essential part of travelling. Without keys, individuals will be lost. They may be locked out of their house on their way home or out of their office if they are the first to enter. Usually people have a key chain or a necklace with all the essential keys that they take with them wherever they go. This necklace keeps them from losing their valuable items.


2. Wallets and Purses:

Where can anyone go without their wallet or purse? It keeps all the credit cards, money, driver’s license, cosmetics and sometimes cell phones in a safe storage. Many use their wallets and purses to go shopping, buy food or go to a restaurant. Unless people are on an all-inclusive resort in the middle of the Caribbean, they will need money at least once per day.


3. Pen and Paper:

People never know when they will need the following two items. They may receive a call from a client or a doctor, or may meet someone they haven’t seen in years. When digging for things in their pockets or purses they find paper and pen to write things down. Sometimes when individuals cannot find a blank piece of paper, they write on bills and scrap receipts they carry for long periods of time.


4. Cell Phone:

Wherever anyone goes, they need this telecommunication device. Many carry it for business purposes while others use it to keep in touch with family members who are spread out throughout the day. Many people place this device in their pockets, purses or have a small case to attach it to belts. Others attach a handless Bluetooth they use while driving, since it is illegal to talk and drive in various countries such as Canada and United States.


5. Medicine:

Throughout the day many people need to take medicine. If they are not home many people bring with them a small tab or organizer to help them take medicine at the right times. These are one of the most essential items many take whether it is a puffer or a tablet for blood pressure. Without them people could die.


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