Top 10 Things People Carry Around

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6. Food:

Whether it is a packed lunch or a snack (i.e., an apple), people tend to carry food with them on a daily basis. Food is an essential part of life and everyone needs to have something to eat in order to survive. If everyone ate out every day they would be broke. As such, they resort to packing food with them to carry to school, to work and other places. Usually food is packed away in a lunch bag people carry on the side or a shopping bag which they store in a school bag or briefcase.


7. Driver’s License/Health Card/Social Insurance Card:

Are people visiting a hospital and a doctor every day? It is quite understandable if someone brings their driver’s license. Why do people need non-essential cards which take up space in their pockets, purses etc.? Even more awkward is when people carry other family members’ social insurance and health cards. It only creates a hassle for those who lose their wallets and purses. The money and bills one racks up to replace such important cards are phenomenal. If you don’t need them then don’t bring them. That should be the simple rule.


8. Hand Sanitizer:

With Sars, Swine Flu and other influenza viruses, ministries and departments of health have advised the public to make use of hand sanitizers. These items come in small packages and easily fit in one’s pocket or purse. Although they do not kill all the germs, it is still the best alternative to nothing. It contains rubbing alcohol which kills most germs on hands. If you are in a washroom and there is no soap, hand sanitizer can assist you.


9. Glasses:

Whether it is sunglasses or reading glasses these are also popular carry-ons. People need them to drive, read and complete essential tasks. Without them, people are essentially blind and will resort to squinting, which further ruin their eyes.


10. Condoms:

As much as it is funny and humiliating to say, it is true. Anyone who goes to a party does not forget to bring with them one essential item, a condom. This essential item is important when you know you are going to a party or a date. Even if it is the first date and people do not know each other, they bring one or two just in case. Better yet, many parents slip the item inside a purse or pocket to protect their children.


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