Top 10 Reasons to Retire

Individuals who hit the age of 65 are not stepping down from their careers. They continue to fill various professional positions even when a public pension plan is offered. An article recently posted on MSN examined how people with lower incomes are still working after hitting the age of 80. This article examines top 10 reasons why these people should retire.


1. Unemployment Rate Increasing

Many younger individuals who do not have the experience are finding it hard to find jobs. With increasing population of those not retiring at 65, we are faced with an inevitable unemployment rate. In universities, for example, senior level professors hold professor emeritus positions where they continue to teach and complete research tasks. These positions could go to those entering the workforce who can follow the vision and path professor emeritus have.


2. Benefits:

Many professions where individuals have worked for over 20 years are given an excellent pension plan and have more than enough savings and investments. Government is willing to pay those who retire to sit at home and relax. Retired individuals will always be taken care of and will not have to worry about money issues or working ever again, unless they are broke and in debt.


3. Spend more time with Family:

Family is usually the main concern for individuals. As you get older you gain grandchildren and extended family members. When working, you rarely get a chance to cherish family moments and to help your children out with their own children. You will save your children money by babysitting their youngsters and helping out with family affairs when needed.


4. Travel:

Some couples rarely have the chance to travel when they have huge workloads. Their jobs throughout the years have been demanding, especially those who are self-employed. Those who are self-employed sometimes cannot find replacements to watch over while on vacation. Retiring will help individuals travel freely without worries and to enjoy life hassle free.


5. Stress:

As you get older, your system is less immune to medical problems. Individuals over the age of 65 are more at risk of heart disease, cancers, blood pressure and diabetes  Stressful jobs can lead to increasing health problems. Individuals who can retire should wind down and the enjoy the Golden Years.


6. Health Issues:

If you are experiencing health issues such as heart problems, retirement could be the best solution. Many health issues relating job stress could lead to larger issues such as stroke. Strokes could damage your golden years forever. It is thus advisable to those who can retire and have health issues to do so before it is too late.


7. No longer enjoy work:

After doing the same thing for 20+ years, you begin to appreciate it less. Work is a demanding experience and when it constantly hassles you, you need to look at other alternatives. You can enjoy other things which you will love like traveling while being provided with excellent benefits and pensions.


8. Time for yourself:

When working many individuals never have the time to themselves. They always are worried about others and completing tasks others demand. When retiring, you can enjoy time to yourself by reading, visiting friends and beginning a hobby or collection you wanted to embrace for years but never had the chance to do.


9. Winding down:

As you get older, your body gets older as well. The things you were able to do before in 30 minutes are now done in 2 hours. Physically, you are unable to carry and complete the work you were able to do before in full. If this is you when you are over the age of 65+, you should consider retiring. It is always good to allow someone younger to complete the tasks, as it will beneficial to you as well.


10. Volunteer:

Use the time in retirement to give back to the community and do something charitable. You do not need to wind down completely, you can start something fun and benevolent that will gain you an excellent reputation.


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    Another good reason to retire would be because retiring makes life less predictable. Working from 9 to 5 everyday of the week can become a routine so retiring might allow you to become more spontanious.


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